JOHNNY GUITAR in Ultra High Fidelity

The teenage girl with the bee-hive hair-do cuddling-up to a, most probably religious,  statue makes me believe that the group was very conscious of the fact that they were combining traditional Thai music with rock´n´roll. The young girl, that is rather Western looking, contrasts nicely with the  traditional Thai imagery. It´s the perfect design for the music to be heard on this record

Of course the title of this record is not Ultra High Fidelity. I just don´t know Thai.  Hopefully somebody will help out with the names of the songs and the title of this record.  Of the three Johnny Guitar EP´s I bought in Thailand, this is the strongest rock´n´roll-wise: cool guitars, a  screeching organ and some nice laid-back “Hey, Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey´s”…





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One Comment on “JOHNNY GUITAR in Ultra High Fidelity”

  1. peter says:

    this record is “mon du dao”, and unfortunately the figure on the cover is not religious, but i believe a statue of an ancient mon soldier!

    here is the tracklist:
    A1: มอญดูดาว (mon du dao)
    A2: แขกสาหร่าย (khaek sarai)
    B1: ดาวทอง (dao thong)
    B2: แขกเชิญเจ้า (khaek choen chao)

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