JOHNNY GUITAR, Supanahong, 1966

Johnny Guitar were among the so-called Shadow Music groups from Thailand, groups that were influenced by the British instrumental rock´n´roll group the Shadows. That influence can clearly be heard in these songs. The sleeve on the other hand doesn´t look like a rock´n´roll record, a record made for teenagers, at all. It looks like it was made to appeal to an older,  more conservative Thai audience.  Or maybe Johnny Guitar was  such a cool group that they decidedley chose a traditional Thai image to counteract their new music. I´d like to believe it was the latter.

Johnny Guitar hit in Thailand with Supanahong in 1966. It is featured on the first  Thai A Go Go compilation.

JOHNNY GUITAR, Supanahong, 1966

JOHNNY GUITAR, Nang Nak, 1966

JOHNNY GUITAR, Sie Noul, 1966

JOHNNY GUITAR, Mon Kla, 1966

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2 Comments on “JOHNNY GUITAR, Supanahong, 1966”

  1. Frank says:

    Endlich finde ich mal Zeit, mir Johnny Guitar anzuhören. Nang Nak ist bislang mein Favorit. Der Kauf ist auch eine schöne Geschichte. Mischalke und die Frau im Kimono hören Johnny Guitar Singles im ramschigen Flohmarktladen von Bangkok. Und der Hotel-Clerk würde sie dem unwürdigen Touristen am liebsten entreißenm … hihi.
    Gruß von Frank

  2. mischalke04 says:

    Lang ist´s her, aber so war´s.
    Ich bin sicher, du wirst auch einige Schallplattenstories mitbringen. Und Schallplatten und viele andere Stories natürlich…

    Liebe Grüsse

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