PINO GUERRA, Guitar Twist, 1961

Not a German record but one that i found in a nearby thrift store. I don`t know anything about Pino Guerra . The only information i could find, was a Guitar-learning Instruction-book on ebay. From the sound of this, he was the Italian Jorgen Ingman. Not exactly Jimmy Bryant, but playing “Trick-guitar”, European style.


“Guitar Twist” is a pretty standard instrumental-twist song, but I just like this guitar style very much.

I will post stuff by Miroslav Kefurt and Dieter Resch (the Czechoslovak and East-German exponents of that style) in the future. No information whatsoever about the “artist” who did the cover-drawing.

PINO GUERRA, Guitar Twist, 1961

One Comment on “PINO GUERRA, Guitar Twist, 1961”

  1. KLinNYC says:

    “Spaghetti Twist”
    Marcello Giombini
    From an Italian documentary soundtrack (Le Dolci Notti)
    45 giri 1962 — CAM CA 24-55

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