Reportage über den Weltraumflug Gagarins

Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin (9 March 1934 – 27 March 1968), Hero of the Soviet Union, was a Soviet cosmonaut. On April 12th 1961 he became the first person in space and the first to orbit the Earth. He received many medals from different countries for his pioneering tour in space.

This postcard record commemorates this triumphant victory for the Soviet Union. On the record 27 year old Gagarin is heard speaking from space: He is overwhelmed by the look of the stars and the gleaming colours of space. Of course he also praises the Soviet Union, Khrushchev and Communism . One of the best lines of the narrator is: “These 108 minutes were forcing the Capitalist Camp once more to rethink: the Cold War is senseless.”

Gagarin later began to re-qualify as a fighter pilot. On 27 March 1968 , he and his instructor died in a MIG-15 UTI on a routine training flight.

Reportage über den Weltraumflug Gagarins

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