“…1-2-3-4…1-2-3-4… Well, Dear Listeners, do you know how to dance the Hully Gully?… I´ve got a tip for you: you can watch it on R-F-T- Television Sets!”


This postcard record was meant to be a souvenir for visitors of the Leipzig Fair. It advertises for Television Sets and Radios made in East Germany. Somewhat of a rarity because Advertisement was not as necessary under Communism as it was in the Capitalist World. The song was written by band leader Walter Eichenberg.

I´m posting the cover for the regular Amiga 45 just because there is a nice dance instruction for the Hully Gully on the back.

In 2003 Bear Family Records released a great compilation CD of all East German Twist records called Twist in der DDR.


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