MONIKA DANNEMANN, Die Wahrheit über Jimi Hendrix


Guessing from the label of this Flexi disc this was a supplement to Poster Press Magazine in the 70s. On the record a German girl claims to have been Jimi Hendrix girlfriend.


With a deeply depressing voice she says: “My name is Monika Dannemann. I was Jimi`s girlfriend. He told me what he thought and how he felt when he drove his music through the speakers.”

At the end of the record she says: “I know the truth about Jimi Hendrix.” What kind of TRUTH that is she doesn`t say. Did she write a whole book about Jimi Hendrix? On the record it sounds like a teaser for something bigger. We will probably never know…

You have to listen to this. Hilarious!

Update, 25.02.2008:

I am not a journalist and not used to do a lot of research. When I wrote about Ha-Ga I searched for hours for details about her life. With this piece I was a little lazy. There is a whole page on Monika Dannemann on Wikipedia. Apparently she is quite well known for being the last person to have seen Jimi Hendrix alive. Monika Dannemann was a fine art painter and led a very interesting life. She did write a book about Jimi Hendrix that came out in 1995.

MONIKA DANNEMANN, Die Wahrheit über Jimi Hendrix

( Ein kleiner, von mir auf deutsch geschriebener Text über Monika Dannemann,  erschien am 6. August 2009 in der Wochenzeitung Jungle World. Im Internet zu lesen ist er hier. )


5 Comments on “MONIKA DANNEMANN, Die Wahrheit über Jimi Hendrix”

  1. Jess Hansen says:

    As someone who knew hwe for many years, I can honestly say that she had a good heart, but was severly disturbed.

  2. Henry M. James says:

    The voice on the soundtrack is NOT Ms Dannemann but someone reading a text, supposedly being the words of Ms Dannemann.

  3. Peter Davies says:

    I was at Monika’s funeral, which was conducted by Uli Jon Roth. Her family and friends did not believe she took her own life. Her chauffuer told me the Mecedes had a full tank of petrol and a flat battery and she could not have died the way it has been claimed.

  4. Thomas says:

    Drawing Jimi Hendrix a right handed guitarist… Oh man… :/

  5. mischalke04 says:

    Geil Alter, bist du das?:

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