This song is really creepy but it cracks me up every time I listen to it.

There is something funny about right wing records like this. The music is the average humpta music and the lyrics are about drinking and how Berlin is the greatest but when one of the guys screams:”…und wenn der Wodka fliesst, wie unsre Spree!!!…”( …and when the wodka flows just like our (river) Spree( that runs through Berlin)) that sends shivers down my spine. On the other hand one of the “artists” on this record, Heinrich Lummer a local Berlin politician, certainly is very very conservative. From 1981 to 1986 he was senator of internal affairs in Berlin and responsible for evicting a lot of squats. Among leftists he was really hated deeply. In the late 90s Lummer hosted a talk show on local Berlin Television. In one of those shows comedian Hape Kerkeling played a major prank on him disguised as a enraged private gardener.


The cartoonist ANE, born Aribert Nesslinger in 1924, was a well known Berlin cartoonist  Just like Stenzel he is forgotten today. Humour depends so much on the time and people it addresses and their kind of humour just went out of fashion in the70s.

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