ANTIBERLINER, Antiberliner, 1987

One really good thing about living in this city is that you don`t have to like everything about it. There is a history of discontentment here that is refreshing. The people who did this record didn`t really hate Berlin. The music and the lyrics are quite upbeat and optimistic.

On may 1st 1987, after a spontaneous demonstration, a riot broke out that spread throughout Kreuzberg. A lot of shops were looted and a supermarket was set on fire. In response to the riots Berlin mayor Eberhard Diepgen called anarchists and autonomous people “Antiberliners”. In the month following that incident a bunch of people took that word, reversed it and produced this nice 45.

Actually this is pretty much an ode to the other Berlin. The Berlin of the outsiders.

ANTIBERLINER, Antiberliner, 1987


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