GÜNTER TESCH, Meinst du wirklich?, 1970

Among incredibly strange records, outsider records or whatever you want to call them, religious records have a special place. First because they are not made for commercial reasons, they are the most “hardcore” independent releases. And second because very few of them are good. I buy these kind of records out of curiosity. If I don`t know an artist or label my interest is sparked and for 50 cents I can give a record a chance. Of course a lot of these records are “bad”. That´s why the serious collectors of any genre, who picked through everything before I did, left these records behind. Defining what is “good” or “bad” is a scientific question but the fact is, most religious records are dead boring.

I picked up this record by Günter Tesch before I found his book “Hinter den Kulissen”(Behind the Scenes). On the record you can hear is some slight rocking backing the preaching, but nothing that reveals, that Tesch actually played in a Beat band before he started singing religious songs.


That´s basically the story of the book. He doesn´t say what his group was called ( I guess he played in the Tonics) but he describes the beat scene in Hamburg, the Reeperbahn, the Star Club and the Top Ten in the 60´s quite vividly.

Of course he focuses on the highlights: “Rhythm! Beat! Ecstasy! Colourful impressions of the world of the stage. Swinging and full of suspense. In the language of our times. Free of Illusions and realistic. Meeting celebrated idols, loose girls, tough guys and drug dealers. And then he meets Jesus Christ…”

In the end he sells his Beat outfit, cuts his hair short and destroys all of his records to be free for god. Following Cliff Richard and Little Richard this was a German rocker who converted to god. The result is rather tame but compared to the majority of German religious music of the time this was way ahead.

GÜNTER TESCH, Meinst du wirklich?, 1970



10 Comments on “GÜNTER TESCH, Meinst du wirklich?, 1970”

  1. Ilka Rupp says:

    Lieber Günter habe unlängst alte Lieder Texte von Dir gefunden aber leider ohne Noten. Da wir Evangelisieren gehen würden mich Deine Lieder im allgemeinen Intressieren hab aber natürlich keinen Plattenspieler mehr gibt es eine CD von Dir oder Cassetten von Dir im besonderen intressiert mich das Lied Argern und reizen
    Kennst du den Mann der Schmerzen. Für die Straßeneinsätze. Kannst Du mir es wenn es auf keinen der beiden Tonträger verfügbar ist auf eine Cassette mit Gittarre singen und mir die Noten dazu schicken . Bezahle es natürlich.
    In der Liebe Jesu
    Ilka Adresse ILKA RUPP Skraupstrasse 24/23/8 Wien 1210 Tel 0676 46 45 48 1

  2. henning says:

    As children my brothers and I got a lot of enjoyment out of his gospel album “Günter Tesch Singt Seine Besten Songs & Spirituals”. We knew a lot of German because our parents are German, and this album still brings a smile to my face as I listen to it now for the first time in over 20 years.

  3. John says:

    Unfortunately, he turned bad… ended up in jail for fraud.

  4. mischalke04 says:

    How do you know that? You know the guy? Please elaborate, I know absolutely nothing about Guenter Tesch.

  5. Thali says:

    That is a lie.
    He wa in prison, but it was a mistake, a denunciation of a friend.
    Later reported in a German magazine (Stern) about it and made clear the fault, but his reputation was destroyed.
    To my knowledge, Gunther Tesch then moved to America.
    I am looking for him ever again, because it shaped me in my youth very much.
    He had written a book about the Holy Spirit.
    To this day I still sing his songs …..

  6. Paul Smith says:

    Paul Smith
    I met Gunter in San Diego, CA. I helped him for three corporations and put together a staff of writers to publish “A Minute With God”.

    The next time I saw Gunter was in St. Petersberg, Russia. We were both in a church service. At he time I was with a group of Ministry students and teaching German pastors a course in “Inductive Bible Study”.

    Gunter had been publishing a Christian paper in Germany before coming to the U.S. He discussed a paper he publshed and that he had written an editorial about opening the door to the pentecostals and that caused the state Lutheran church to react against him.

    I would like to know more about the possibility that the State Church reacted against his publication and if the church in about 1929 determined that “speaking in tongures” was of the devil. I would like to connect with Gunter again.

  7. Paul Smith says:

    This is Paul Smith again. We were teaching Russian pastors in St. Petersberg, Russia and that was perphaps in 1996 or 97.

  8. Matthias Vogt says:

    Hello Paul Smith,

    did you met Günter Tesch again? Are there any news about his life, after leaving germany or a homepage about him or from him to contact him?

  9. Rebecca says:

    I’m curious is it is the same Gunther Tesch that lives now in Florida.http://conjugalfelicity.com/gloria-tesch/ This is his daughter. He worked for Liberty Media Corporation.

    Here is mugshot. Could it be the same guy?

    The family is religious.

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