DIETER RESCH, Kahlenbergerdörfl-Twist, 1963

Dieter Resch was the East-German Miroslav Kefurt, in that he also played in the technical trick guitar style. He recorded about a dozen of sides under his own name but besides that he had been a full member of the Kurt Henkels/Walter Eichenberg Tanzorchester Leipzig since 1955. I could not find out much about his life so his music will have to do. Amiga/Sony should check with their back catalog. Dieter Resch sure is an artist who deserves to be reissued.

DIETER RESCH, Kahlenbergerdörfl-Twist, 1963

One Comment on “DIETER RESCH, Kahlenbergerdörfl-Twist, 1963”

  1. Andrey says:

    Dear Andreas Michalke,

    I can’t find you contact e-mail on your www-page. Would you please to e-mail me – I would like to discuss some DDR music with you.

    Thank you!

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