MIROSLAV KEFURT, Big Beat Twist & Bile Skaly, 1963


These two songs are more closer to “The Shadows” , a group that was very influential in Eastern Europe (and Southeast Asia) in the early 1960s. Still, the playing is more technical and a little less serious. A hint of a Joe Meek influence maybe…

MIROSLAV KEFURT, Big Beat Twist, 1961

MIROSLAV KEFURT, Bile Skaly, 1963

3 Comments on “MIROSLAV KEFURT, Big Beat Twist & Bile Skaly, 1963”

  1. manzerock says:

    danke :)

  2. prax57 says:

    dear unknown !
    thank you very much for the records of miroslav kefurt.
    i have no one record

    kefurt was born 9. september 1920

  3. Lewis B says:

    RE: Kefurt birthday..
    Thanks for that!

    I happened to run to some disinfos about M.F.
    See for yourself…

    Real Name: Miroslav Kefurt
    Profile: Czech guitarist, trumpet player, composer, band leader. Born 1911 or 1912 in former Austro-Hungarian Empire, immigrated to the USA in the late 1960s, stabbed to death approx. in 1977 or 1978.

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