MIROSLAV KEFURT, Midnight Boogie, 1963

“Midnight Boogie” is a easygoing Jazz-tinged Rock`n`Roll instrumental.

MIROSLAV KEFURT, Midnight Boogie, 1963


3 Comments on “MIROSLAV KEFURT, Midnight Boogie, 1963”

  1. mike says:

    and what about those other songs on this 7”? will you publish them later? i was very happy when i entered miroslav kefurt into google and found your website, i didnt even expect finding out something about him on the net. i have only one record, the one with big beat twist and bile skaly. i found it in a pawn shop here in slovakia without knowing what was recorded on the vinyl, having never heard o m. kefurt before. i was very pleased when i played it back and tried to get more of his music. keep up the good work with posting those classic records here, im looking forward to hear the next one!
    ps.and thanks a lot for a website like this, its GREAT!

  2. mischalke04 says:

    Dear Mike,

    thank you very much for your kind words. Like I`ve written in some of my posts, I have been collecting East-European Rock`n`Roll and Beat records for some time, especially from the SUPRAPHON label. There have been some bootleg compilation LP`s of Czechoslovak beat music in the 90`s but those were very limited and are not available any more. So I will be posting more of my 45 records in the future. Also some more of MIROSLAV KEFURT. There is also the real cool blog FUNKY CZECH-IN that Lukas Machata is doing. You`ll find it in the list of links on my site. Czech it out!

    Best wishes

  3. Lewis B says:

    I’ve been looking for Kefurt on and off for past 5 or six years, lucky enough to find this blog.

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