MIROSLAV KEFURT, Pomegranate, 1961

Miroslav Kefurt was a guitarist from Czechoslovakia who recorded with a number of pop artists in the 1960s. By strict rock´n´roll standards his guitar playing might seem pretty tame, but I don`t care about any standards. I like his style. A technical, jazz-inspired, guitar playing style very similar to Les Paul´s. It seems that, apart from a couple of songs on various compilations, there has been no full retrospective of his work.  Supraphon, a record company that still exists, should really take care of that. Not much information about his life was to be found either, so I´m not trying a full portrait here. Maybe Lukas will do that sometime on his “Funky Czech-In”-Blog.

In the meantime I`ll leave you with the music…

MIROSLAV KEFURT, Pomegranate, 1961

11 Comments on “MIROSLAV KEFURT, Pomegranate, 1961”

  1. Vielen Dank – das ist natürlich genau meine Abteilung!

  2. mike says:

    will you also upload other songs on this vinyl? thank you.

  3. Don Aplauso says:

    Many Many Thanx!

    If you are interested, I have
    3 Tracks more to share of Miroslav Kefurt.

  4. Stefano Tabascio says:

    Would love to hear or download the tracks you have of Miroslav Kefurt Guitar.


  5. Mike GC says:

    Miroslav Kefurt was my guitar instructor when I was child. This was in Los Angeles around 1970. I believe he told me then that he had left Czechoslovakia in the late 60’s. He taught guitar in Los Angeles and was a session player while he was getting himself established there after his immigration. His English was quite good as I recall. He would come to our apartment to teach me. I was always late for my lessons, and never practiced. He was patient with me. I Google’d him today and found his picture on the album cover you posted. I do not know if he is still in Los Angeles or if he is still alive. I simply Google’d him today because I am now 51 yrs old and taking lessons again. I now live in Houston, but still visit L.A. often. I wish I would have appreciated him more when I was a child.

  6. mischalke04 says:

    I know. I found that article before I wrote my posts about Miroslav Kefurt.
    But was this the same person? I wasn´t sure and I´m still not sure.

  7. Mike GC says:

    Yes, it is the same person. I found the article after my April posting.

  8. mischalke04 says:

    It is a terrible and tragic story. But I´d still like to know more about Miroslav Kefurt´s life…

  9. Lewis B says:

    Let’s have some more stuff on Miroslav Kefurt.
    Somebody uploaded lately some guitar music on Utube by Kefurt, hovewer, it’s all gone by now.

  10. Lewis B says:

    There is only one left..

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