One more in my ever growing collection of flexible postcard records. Pictured is the International Garden Exhibition. As written on the sleeve, the postcard was given as a gift from the Rohr family to a Kurt Becker (“today’s birthday child”) on February 24, 1964. Who then proceeded to write down some football results on the same sleeve.

Maybe he just didn`t care for CRAZY COMMUNIST ROCK´N´ROLL!!!…?



3 Comments on “ORCHESTER GÜNTER GOLLASCH, Twist-Twist, 1964”

  1. Daniel says:

    Very cool…though, isn’t the date the 27th, not the 24th?

  2. mischalke04 says:

    I´m sorry, you´re are absolutely right.

    By the way, the results of the football match are:

    First minute: 1:0 (penalty), 25th minute: 1:1(penalty) and 43rd minute: 1:2

    Who was playing in that football match? If it actually was a football match. Maybe it was some other game. And maybe it wasn´t even Kurt who wrote on the sleeve. Oh, the magic of the flea-market…

  3. KLinNYC says:

    Really interesting — laminated postcard records.
    You got a good sound out of it.
    I’ve been trying to transfer a similar cardboard record to mp3, but it doesn’t come out as well as this.

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