GISELA JONAS, Der Novak, 1. Folge & Die Männer sind so


Starting with this record, most of Gisela’s records had little holes in them, were parents could put little locks to prevent their kids from listening to the dirty music. Near the hole it says: ” Take good care of the Key.”

The song “Die Männer sind so..”(Men are like that..) is probably Gisela Jonas most disturbing one. It deals with Sado-Masochism in a very direct manner. The Chorus is: “Wer mir imponieren will, soll herrschsüchtig sein. Ich muss eine Peitsche spüren, dann bin ich sein.”(Whoever wants to impress me, should be domineering. I have to feel a whip then I`m his.)

Years ago this was the first Gisela record I bought and I remember, that the contrast between Gisela’s homely appearance and the strong lyrics really struck me as odd.

GISELA JONAS, Der Novak, 1. Folge

GISELA JONAS, Die Männer sind so


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