EXTRA, Du bist so eitel & Leg an, 1980

Extra were similar to Sportpalast in that they were also from Berlin and also had a female singer.

But while Sportpalast only recorded one 45, Extra recorded a LP and were more successful nationally.

Extra were featured on a 10″ New Wave-compilation called “Prima Tanzmusik” that included many well known German New Wave bands. I bought that record when it came out in `81 and while there were similar Hard Rock bands posing as New Wave on that comp, I remember particularly not liking the band Extra. Too rockish for my snobbish 15-year old taste back then. And I hadn`t even seen the naked bearded dude on the cover of their 45…

The German new music magazine “Sounds” wrote that Extra played “simple Hard-Rock in the most embarassing German tradition”. Actually they were not hard enough for the Hard Rock and not new enough for the New Wave crowd.

25 years later my taste seems to have changed. Now I like the aggressive voice of singer Katia and the powerful approach of Extra. A lot of the old German New Wave stuff sounds awfully tame and complacent today. Extra at least had some balls.

EXTRA, Du bist so eitel, 1980

EXTRA, Leg an, 1980

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