FRITZ WOELFFER and his Guitar, County

Another record that I have no clue about, but that´s why I picked it up. I had never seen the date label and the titles sounded promising. And because it was only 50 cents in one of the thrift stores that I check every week here in my area.

The two songs are solid instrumental Rock´n´Roll in the European Easy-Listening style of the Spotnicks, the Shadows or Jorgen Ingmann. Sadly, the first 10 seconds on the A-Side Indio are pretty scratched up, to the point of being unlistenable. I`m putting the song here anyway. Until I find a better copy…

When I came home, I checked the Internet, but there is nothing on Fritz Woelffer (or Wölffer) apart from a Fritz Woelffer who played guitar on a East-German Jazz record in the late 40s. Is that the same Woelffer? And why are the titles and his name written in English on this record? Even the name of the label is English. Very unusual for a German release of that time…

From my recent experiences I know, that just because there is no information in the computer world, doesn`t mean that there is no information OUT THERE in the real world. Sometimes you just have to be a little patient…

This 45 was published in West-Berlin by the music-publisher Albert Bennefeld. From the look of the record, in the early 60s.

FRITZ WOELFFER and his Guitar, County

FRITZ WOELFFER and his Guitar, Indio

Today I found these postcards. I think that they fit with the time this record came out.

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