CHARLY TABOR, Red Lion Madison

With dances like the Twist, the Hully Gully and the Madison in the early 60s every orchestra around the world tried their luck at this kind of Rock`n`Roll. This is one of Charly Tabors takes on the Madison.

CHARLY TABOR, Red Lion Madison

2 Comments on “CHARLY TABOR, Red Lion Madison”

  1. Eric Ensminger says:

    Do you know when Tabor was born and when/if he died? I’m a 52 year old trumpet player. I decided to play the horn when I was three, because of Charlie. I just found his name tonight after my gig on Bourbon St in New Orleans. It feels like I’ve just found the name of my dad.

  2. mischalke04 says:

    Great to hear from the birthplace of Jazz (and all of today´s popular music)! I´m glad there is still Jazz being played on Bourbon Street!

    Here´s what I found about Charly Tabor:

    From Charly Tabor´s German Wikipedia page I got the information that he was born in 1919 in Vienna and died in Griestätt in Bavaria. I´m sorry, but there is no date given when he died. He played Jazz in the Lutz Templin Orchestra and then joined Charlie and his Orchestra. That story is pretty interesting and unique in itself. In 1941 Tabor was drafted and played in orchestras at the Russian front.

    After the war he lived in Munich, where was assigned by the American Military to start a goup and play the American clubs around Munich. In the 50´s he played as a solo-trumpeter in the Bert Kämpfert orchestra. He plays the trumpet on Wonderland by Night.

    I remember seeing the Charly Tabor orchestra playing on German television in the 70´s but I am too young (43) to remember more than just another orchestra backing the stars of that era. Here´s a video of the Charly Tabor band in 1984. He is coming out to play his solo in the last part of the song.

    Sorry, that´s all I know. Not alot of information to be found about someone whose career as a musician spun over 50 years. But that´s only the Internet. There must be many older people here in Germany into Swing and Big-Band Jazz who still fondly remember Charly Tabor and his music. The only other record of his that I own, I posted here.

    Hope this was helpful.

    Best wishes from Berlin

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