Puppets was written by Will Meisel (1897-1967). Meisel was a Berlin dancer, composer and head of his own publishing company. He wrote countless hits among them “Berlin bleibt doch Berlin”.

In Berlin-Rudow there is a street named after Will Meisel and in Berlin-Neukölln there is a plaque commemorating him at the house he lived in. Most recently Max Raabe`s Palastorchester recorded a whole Cd worth of Meisel titles. The Meisel publishing company, established in 1926 exists to this day and is one of Germany’s oldest independent labels. The Monopol record label is also still operating.

This record came out in the early 60s when dances like the Twist, the Hully Gully and the Madison were in fashion. On the back of the sleeve is a dance instruction for the Puppets dance. The “World Premiere” of the Puppets dance was held at the Eden PLAYBOY club. Rolf Eden was Berlin`s most prominent playboy. When playboys were in fashion…


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