ALF NEWMAN, It`s A Gas & Let`s Do The Fink, 1966

My girlfriend fished this out of a dusty box on one of the rare occasions that we went to a flea market together some years ago. I think both sides are on “Las Vegas Grind” or some other Crypt compilation.

This is the German pressing from 1966 on Golden 12 records. Pretty strange drawing of Alfred E. Newman on the sleeve. Obviously the artist wasn`t familiar with MAD magazine. “It`s a Gas” is a childish twist song interrupted by burping noises. Must have driven the parents nuts to hear it from their kids rooms over and over again…


(UPDATE o9/04/ 2009:  During our recent stay in the US, I  found a copy of  the issue of  MAD magazine  that “It´s a Gas” originally appeared in, at a cool new comic book store calleed Desert Island in Brooklyn. The flexible cardboard record was missing, but it would have been much more expensive with it than the 4 dollars I paid.  Painted in watercolor by Norman Mingo, the long-time Mad illustrator who invented the image of Alfred E. Newman.)


ALF NEWMAN, It`s A Gas, 1966

ALF NEWMAN, Let`s Do The Fink, 1966

7 Comments on “ALF NEWMAN, It`s A Gas & Let`s Do The Fink, 1966”

  1. Jerry Humphrey says:

    Just discovered your blog and I love the music, the artwork and everything about it. I appreciate the time it takes to scan the record covers and transfer the music. I’m from the United States and would otherwise never hear the unique music you feature. Anyway, he Alfred E. Newman song, “It’s A Gas” was originally released as a flexi-disc in one of the issues of Mad magazine in the mid-sixties and yes I played it over and over and over…

  2. doctorknow says:

    hey !
    great to found this information.
    but i think you ‘re wrong !!!!

    the painting is not from Alfred E. Newman….
    he robbed the artwork from his brother Pete F. Newman.
    this guy worked for the biggest rival of MAD magazine at that time, called THE DAM , actually they wanted to call it THE DAMNED but the first issue was confiscated because of the rude name.
    So …..
    always was a big competion between the two magazines and THE DAM always was better as you know !!!!!!!

    The plan of Pete did in porpose the bad draw for the MAD magazine, cause was not finnished even !!! and he hated for sure that magazine that was copying the style of DAM magazine.

  3. mischalke04 says:

    Pete WAS Finnish!
    His real name was Kyklooppien Sukupuutto. A heavy drinker who couldn`t draw a straight line if his life depended on it. In his drunken stupor he would always mumble: ” I dwaw like thath on purposh…!”

    Now if I could only remember the origin of the name ALFRED E. NEWMAN…?

  4. wieczor says:

    The link in says this user is out of bandwith.
    Is it possible to reup it at divshare?
    I’ve been looking for Alf Newman for many years
    I’d be grateful

  5. Graham says:

    Thankyou! Cracked me up at the time and still does

  6. Mart Kessels says:


    I have a handicapt brother in law and he had the song of Albert Newman many years ago. He turned it untill the needle came trough the vnyl!

    Can you tell me if I can by one single anywhere on this world.

    I would do him a big big favor.

    Thanks in advance

    Mart Kessels

  7. mischalke04 says:

    Dear Mart,

    the ALF NEWMAN Let´s Do The Fink/ It´s A Gas 7″ on the German Golden 12 label turns up on eBay from time to time.
    The last one that was offered sold for two Euros on March 21 here.
    Just keep looking and you´ll find it.

    Good luck

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