Lupo Modern, Nr. 18, 27. April 1966

lupo-modern-181Last week once again I went to Germany’s biggest and most important Comic Convention, the Comic-Salon in Erlangen. It`s taking place every two years in the south of Germany and I have been there every year since 1992. This time it was really great and I´m going to write about it in length but I´m still waiting for colleague Mawil´s photos so it´ll have to wait til next week.

Instead I´m going to present some of my few finds at the vonvention´s huge market of old comics. Actually I promised myself not to buy anything because I have too much stuff at home already. But on the first day almost in the first five minutes of browsing around I stumbled onto a whole stack of Lupo Modern magazines in real good condition. I had been collecting them for a long time in the 90s but stopped when I thought I had all the essential issues. I picked two of the most desirable ones, bargained a little and got away with a moderate price. Only when I sat down at our booth later I realized that this particular issue was from the day I was born: April 27. 1966 !


I first read Lupo Modern magazines in the early seventies when somebody in our house left a whole box of them in one of the apartments when they moved. I still have all of them. Even as a child it struck me as odd that many of them had photo covers. They looked interesting. And what a strange hybrid they indeed had been. In the mid 60s Rolf Kauka (kind of the German Disney) had the idea to publish comic books for the booming teen market. It was the first time that comics were not geared towards little kids any more. Lupo Modern was a mixture of Bravo, Germany`s leading teen magazine and Fix und Foxi, Kauka`s top selling comic book for kids. Lupo Modern published many of the new French comics in Germany for the first time but also articles on Pop and Beat music.

This issue has a two-page spread about German Beat bands, a little story about the Beatles, a Beatles poster, a guitar course by German Beat singer Drafi Deutscher (for “Balla Balla” by the Rainbows, see below) and many comics. Too much stuff to put here so I picked only the music pages. I wished that someday somebody would reissue all these wonderful Lupo Modern magazines in a book. Right now that`s highly unlikely.

the-kentuckyc2b4sThe Kentucky`s from Wuppertal must have had a rough time running around like that in their small town in 1966. Way out!



2 Comments on “Lupo Modern, Nr. 18, 27. April 1966”

  1. caro says:

    schon cool dass damals comics und musik so verzahnt waren. das sollte es heute auch mal wieder geben.

    “the kentuckys from wuppertal”, herrlich!

  2. devil dick says:

    many thanks for the link!
    i shall return the favor!

    ps – cool blog!!!

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