DIRTY DOGS, Lose Control, 1978

While in Erlangen I took an hour off and went to a second hand book and record store near the train station.

That´s were I found this 45 by the Dirty Dogs from my hometown Hamburg. I knew I had to buy this when I saw the band members cool biker outfits (click on the picture to make it bigger). Apparently the guys used to play in Beat bands in the Star Club era. Ten years later they must have remembered how much fun it used to be to just “rock out” when they were teenagers. But being better musicians and older and wiser they ruin it. On the back sleeve it says that they play Rock`n`Roll the way it used to be played in the 50s.

“Lose Control” starts off with screaming girls, barking dogs and a voice that shouts(at the dog): “Mando! Mando! Das is Kacke hier! Echt, du! Mann, das kann doch nicht sein… Lass das.” (Mando!Mando! That´s shit here! Really! Man, that can`t be… Stop it.) but then the piano sets in and they turn into “Sha Na Na” meets “AC/DC”. The B-side sounds like “Status Quo” with strings. A Rock`n`Roll parody . Punk had to happen.

Still fun to listen to…

DIRTY DOGS, Lose Control, 1978

DIRTY DOGS, Come Alive, 1978


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