OLLI + ULF, Red Hot, 1978

This 45 relates to the Dirty Dogs in that it is also from Hamburg , it also came out in 1978 and it is also kind of a parody of Rock`n`Roll. The most striking thing about this record is that Olli is the now famous German comedian Olli Dittrich. Olli was a Rockabilly! And he recorded this when he was 20 years old!

Red Hot is a Rockabilly classic and I don`t have to use wikipedia or the Internet to know that it was written and recorded by Billy “The Kid” Emerson for Sun records in the early 50s when Sam Phillips was establishing the label. Billy Lee Riley covered “Red Hot” in 1957 and made it one of the rawest Rockabilly songs of all time! That same year Bob Luman recorded the song for Imperial and it was my favorite version when I was a little teenage Rockabilly in 1980. This is the kind of knowledge that got stuck with me from that time. Where is all the math, physics and biology?

This record is odd in many ways. They dressed funny but I don`t think the music was supposed to be funny. They chose some really cool Rockabilly songs but the music is not cool. And not Rockabilly. Maybe they didn`t take themselves too seriously.

Now I get it…

OLLI + ULF, Red Hot, 1978

OLLI * ULF, Tennessee Waltz, 1978

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