GARY EDWARDS COMBO, Franz Liszt Twist, 1962

Look what I found today at the small flea-market that is happening every Saturday down the street from where I live. Another version of “Der Liebestraum als Twist” on the ORIOLE label from England. The record is a little beat up but it plays fine and it was only 50 cents. The label lists a Peter Pavey as the author of the Franz Liszt Twist but I`ll believe the original Liebestraum Twist was written by Christian Bruhn as long as somebody proves otherwise. This version has a similar intro: “Herrjeh, Herrjeh, Herrjeh, all lovers of Liszt will now twist!”. On the other hand musically this version beats the original version by a long shot. This is great rock`n`roll as is the B-Side  Twist or Bust.

GARY EDWARDS COMBO, Franz Liszt Twist, 1962

GARY EDWARDS COMBO, Twist Or Bust, 1962

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  1. philb the bass says:

    This band was formerly called The Solid Six and performed at the same school youth club that famous rockabilly guitarist Mickey Gee played. That was Caer Castell Cardiff Wales. Sadly Mickey died this year.

    The Solid Six changed their name to The Gary Edwards Combo and appearing on Thank Your Lucky Stars presened by dj Brian Mathew. The bass player Mally Jones became a famour record producer in the U.S.

    Gary Edwards is the grandfather of Charlotte Church the famous operatic vocalist also from Cardiff Wales

  2. mischalke04 says:

    Dear Phil,

    thanks for the information. I was a clueless Kraut. Still am.

    Best wishes

  3. philb the bass says:

    Gary Ewards Combo real name Gary Duffy Cooper was with Dust Miller in The Solid Six with Mally Jones on Bass. A weird shape blonde Fenton Weil. Originally a string bass. Cannot remember the others names?

  4. Terry O'Neill says:

    Although known as ‘Duffy’ I’m sure his real name is Gary Edward Cooper. Also in the Solid Six were two vocalists, Vincent Helkvist and I believe Mal Todd.
    Keep rockin’
    Terry O’Neill

  5. Thanks Terry O’ Neill

    I also remember Joey Escott often played with The Solid Six.

    Don’t stop Rockin


  6. tony sheveton says:

    to add to the discussion – after leaving ‘the raiders’ (well known cardiff group featuring dave edmonds) i joined the solid six in london in august of 1961.
    the rest of the group were: gary cooper (guitar) mally jones (bass) dusty miller (guitar) mac todd (drummer). ‘solid six’ was the name of a popular guitar.
    we played regularly in two famous london clubs – the ‘two eyes’ and the ‘flamingo’. we then signed to oriole records, we changed our name to the gary edwards combo and were joined by earl (toots) watson (saxaphone). he took the vocal on franz liszt. i also recorded for oriole under my own name. i left the combo in the summer of 1962, they continued to play and record for a few more years before going their separate ways. toots joined the migil five, gary and mac returned to cardiff, mally went to america, dusty moved to brighton (i think).

    i stayed in london – my most successful recording was ‘a million drums’ – i toured around the country with ‘the shevelles’ and toured australia and new zealand. the shevelles also made records on their own. i eventually returned to wales in the 1970’s and am still continuing to sing.

    am still in touch with gary and mac. dusty unfortunately passed away about five years ago.

    hope this has been of help/or interesting. cheers tony

  7. mischalke04 says:

    Dear Tony,

    I wish I could´ve seen your group play live back in the day. Thanks for sharing your story. And thanks for recording these great Rock´n´Roll songs. Awesome!


  8. Hi Tony

    Just got in and read your posting here – its amazin to hear from you after all those years. Bit older than me we never made friends but I always respected what you did and what you still do. I started a website to get all those Cardiff musicians talking again and it appears to be just about starting to work. Mickey Gee’s death made me think about the whole thing!


    I’ll be in touch soon!

    Phil Morgan

  9. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi Tony Sheveton

    Sorry as I hadn’t realized – more likely I forgot – you were in The Solid Six. The dark haired good looking one!

    Yes they had Rosetti Solid Six guitars at one stage – I remember one was green and black . Dusty, who I think lived in Portsmouth, did have a sunburst Fender Strat, which was the first I had seen. I remember meeting up with him at The Rompney Castle shortly before he died. He was very modest and kept saying that he use to be good but couldn’t hack it anymore – thats how ill he was and why he had returned to Harlech Road and his Mum. Roger Bulpin and I would try and temp him out. Roger has many photos of Dusty.

    Roger Bulpin was Steve Liston in Steve Liston and The Square Four with me on bass. We use to watch The Solid Six on stage at Caer Castell Youth Club where we also played. But I watched Mally mainly with his Fenton Weil Twinmaster bass which was blonde. Strange squared off shape which was really cool.

    Unlike his bass speaker! Never seen anthing like it then or since. It was a huge speaker from an old cinema from up the valleys and the box it was in had planks of wood nailed on the outside. Must have been at least 5 feet tall! Not even painted and the various pieces of wood were different colours. Roger bought Mally’s double bass off him at that time.

    Gary I believe had a Salmon Pink Fender. These days he is often in the bar of The Robin Hood on a sunday nite. Which is Charlotte Church’s pub managed by a guy called Careless. Forgot his first name, but he was at our daughters wedding last september. Gary is Charlotte’s grandfather. So lots of musical connections still!

    Tony you have been seen at Churchills Hotel playing recently, must get along one day! But I didn’t realize you were in The Raiders with Dave Edmunds when he was starting out! Is a shame you and Gary and Mac cannot get back together to reform The Gary Edwards Combo/Solid Six! I’d be happy to stand in on bass with Mally still living in U.S.A. My connection with Mally is that his uncle use to be our Insurance Collector when you were playing on Thank Your Lucky Stars!! He use to live top of the Quarry and always told me what you guys were up too! ha ha!!! I’d need some thick pebble glasses to wear! ha ha! But he was an amazin bass player! Perhaps Joey Escott could be contacted too?

    Norman J Morris from Union Avenue often sees you guys in Canton where he lives and we still gig together as Cardiff’s longest running Rock n Roll Band!

    Great that the history of The Gary Edwards Combo is building here!


  10. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi Terry

    Yes, I always remember there being two vocalists in The Solid Six. One was I believe one of the Crowley’s who later joined the Navy. He returned with a Red Honda Dream Motorcycle like Elvis had in the movie! You needed 6 people obvivously! Vincent Helkvist I do remember but what happened to him?


  11. Phil Morgan says:

    There is a brand new website for MICKEY GEE who many will know as the guitarist behind TOM JONES, JOE COCKER, DAVE EDMUNDS and SHAKIN STEVENS besides many others. Well this website will also be covering in time other musicians who MICKEY played alongside and this will include his friends from THE GARY EDWARDS COMBO. Not forgetting the ‘welsh taffia’ that well known group of musicians that grew up together in Wales!

  12. I remember enjoying Tony singing “A million drums” on Ready steady go. He wore a thick cardigan favoured by mods at the time, which must have roasted him under the studio lights. He had quite a nifty dance move with his arms to the song too. Also heard it on Saturday Club with pleasure. About ’68 I saw The Shevelles at Pantiles, near Ascot, about the time that “Big city lights had just been released. Happy days.


  13. Geoffrey White says:

    I bought the FRANZ LIZT TWIST when it came out and also AFRICA which was also by the Gary edwards Combo

    I also now have THE METHOD ( for the B side !! ) ….but I believe that there is a fourth record .I have never ever seen it and it NEVER comes up on eBay

    I would love to own that too……

    They made great records

  14. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi Geoff

    I remember as lads we each bought these singles when they came out because the combo were local heroes. But I had to look up the titles when you mentioned them.


    Oriole CB1700 Twist or Bust/Franz Litz Twist
    Oriole CB1717 Twistful thinking/Method
    Oriole CB1733 Africa/One fifteen A.M.
    Oriole CB1759 Hopscotch/Theme for a broken dream

    They did make great records but Mally Jones the bass player went to live in U.S.A. and became a record producer but thats all I know at present.

  15. Geoffrey White says:

    Hi Phil

    Until I read this site I had no idea where they came from …..nor …..where they went to

    I bought AFRICA at the time ………..and have never seen another copy.the ony reason I did not buy HOPSCOTCH is that I never knew it existed

    Has anyone any idea what both sides of that record sound like ???

    I have seen 1 . 15 a m ……..the B isde of AFRICA……..on some instrumental complilation CD

    ” The method ” is VERY easy to buy on must have sold quite well


  16. dave else says:


    Reading about these early bands from Wales – does anyone know any info on The Shevelles (with Mike Stevens). I read that they beat Tommy Scott & The Senators in a talent contest and won a contract with TONY SHEVETON.

    Also Tony says he left the Raiders (with Dave Edmunds) in 61, but Rik Gunnell was advertising Tony Sheveton and the Raiders in September 63, but by October he was singing with The Shevelles.

    Mike Stevens later sang with The Squires after they split with Tom Jones.

  17. Well jusst reading some of the comments above has brought so many memories back to me I spoke to Tony Sheverton a few years ago and in fact did a gig with him but cant remember where.
    Tony also sang with the Top Rank Band in Swansea think it was Geoff Murphy Denny Driscoll also sang with the band.
    Any body else got any more memories for me please e-mail me at looking forward to hundreads of e-mails

  18. Vivian Charles Gregson says:

    I went to school with Mickey ‘Gypsy’ Gee, he was in the form above me.
    Phil we were in the same form and class as Roger Bulpin. Dave Edmunds and The Raiders used to play atthe No 7 club under the High St in Cardiff. We would go there and watch him play his Strat, then we would go to The Mont Merence Club (Montys) in Charles Street and watch Mickey play. A lot of musicians that I knew are mentioned here. I remember Vince Helkvist singing as a guest at one of Joey Escott’s gigs at Barbarella’s club. There were some good club music venues in them days as well as the ones mentioned above. Gino’s with resident act Les Trott, The Moon, Showbiz Club, Talk of The Town, Tito’s, philaderers Club, Chez wen, The Bristol and South Wales was a pub but hosted many a good act such as Laverne Brown, Frankie Johnson, Sammy Johnson, Jimmy The Pig, Lee Gordon etc.I’m sure you can think of many more. I used to manage Jerry Chandler and The Blues Suedes back in them days. Dave Williams (Jerry)as he was known then was on piano, Steve Chick was our bass player then, lead guitar was Dave Parsons, Les Rocky (Wagger) or Georgie Johnson would be on drums. We played all the major clubs and pubs in Cardiff and the valleys and were usually booked 5 nights a week. Keep it live. Rock on. Viv.

  19. mike mclean says:

    Anyone able to get Tony Sheveton to contact me ASAP? I know it’s a lomng shot, but I’m playing a Million Drums on my radio show ‘The Vinyl Frontier’ on Your Radio FM here in Scotland, later tonight, and it would be amazing if he could give us a call on the show. The radio station can be heard at and the show is on between 7 and 10pm. Phone the studio on 08454 900 555 after 7pm, or if not tonight, e-mail


    Mike McLean

  20. Hi Mike

    Tony is a Cardiff lad and these days still gigging. If I wanted to contact him I would have to go to one of his shows. Anyway, he is in a Charity Variety Show for Velindre Hospital Appeal on Sunday 14th November with Charlie Gracie and Class of 58 also from round here, Stan Stennet, Johnny Tudor etc etc. Try ringing the promoter for the gig Paul Pesticcio Tel: 07855 642 277

    Say you could give the charity show a plug, Great!!


  21. Paul Pesticcio says:

    To Mike Mclean, Hi Mike I read your piece about Tony Sheveton a couple of to late, I had spoken to Phil Morgan and he told me about this site,
    I speak with Tony every week, He is doing a gig for me on 14 th November in the Earl Haig Club Cardiff, with the Class of 58
    Also the great Charlie Gracie, who is on a 6 week tour of the UK,
    starting the 28th October, I will let Tony have your number,
    Ref: The Solid Six, I was like a roady for them, I use to help with the gear,
    I used to take them up to the Two Eyes cafe in old Cromten Street in Soho, They also were the resident band in the Seventy Seven club in Barry, I used to pick up Gary wife and take her there, He has never forgiven me, Ha Ha!! The Singers with the Solid Six were Vince helkvist Ray Todd, ( Mac the drumers brother,) Billy Young, Slade Corsi, real name Tony ,He was a hairdresser,he had a big white Jaguar with scissors on the side, there was others later Joey Escott, Who was taken ill while in London,
    Thats when Tony joined them as The Gary Edwards Combo, I was very lucky to have been a little part of things, ( Great Times ) I have been a life long friend of Vince, At the last charity night I did for cancer research,
    I had on stage, Vince Helkvist Duffy Cooper, Tony Sheveton, Georgie Johnson,Mac Todd was also there, So any one in Cardiff , Try to make the Earl Haig Club Whitchurch, 14th November, There will be lots of people you know, Who knows who will give a song,!! Regards to old friends,
    Paul Pesticcio.

  22. Hi Phil

    Here is a photo of Cavan singing with The Raiders ( Dave Edmunds on guitar ) I think it was taken about 1966 ?
    Lyndon Needs

    [ above photo could not be pasted here but it is on under my photos in album of Cardiff Bands ]

  23. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for that, will try and make it.

    I looked at Blue Weaver’s site the other day and it was nice to see a photo of Brother John and The Witnesses on the first page.

    Just thinking about some of the bands that were around at the time, such other names came to mind……..Sons of Adam, Witches Brew, Sect Maniacs, Lawrence and the Arabians,

    The Big Five, Image, The Bossmen, The King Bees……..and there must have been others !……………………………???

    My memory is getting as thin as my hair is !!

    Laurie / Loll / Laurence Cowley

    07720 405715

    [Loll was the singer with Brother John and the Witnesses and wants to see Tony Sheveton on 14th November at the Earl Haig Club. Also on the bill is Charlie Gracie and Class of 58, Stan Stennet, Jonnhy Tudor etc. and is being promoted by Paul Pesticcio who was the Roadie with the Solid Six/Gary Edwards Combo]

  24. Hi Phil,
    Yes the Solid Six were mine and Sid’s favourite band at the old Marina ballroom.
    Mal Jones played a Fenton Weil bass and was probably the first to use a Goodman’s 18 inch spk in an home made cab! Powered by a vortexion amp.
    It was an old cinema set which he adapted and upon hearing it I promptly set about aquiring the same to play my Hofner Senator through.
    Garry Edwards booked The Sunsets to play his 70th birthday and Charlotte sang “Summertime” and “Ave Maria”. Her voice was tremendous and she was very nice.
    Dave Edmunds bought his blond 335 from Garry and Dusty Miller was not far behind Hank B in owning a Strat. I have a great photo from those days.
    Try and make The Sunsets Halloween gig on the 29th at Penarth Ex-service club or failing that I will see you at the Charlie Gracie gig.
    I will forward a youtube track from last week.
    Over and out

    [As you can see lots of interest in Gary Edwards Combo/Solid Six]

  25. mike mclean says:

    Phil, Paul -Thanks for the posts. Don’t know if you managed to catch any of the show last week, but we did play A Million Drums in the feature we’re running which involves playing EVERY ONE-HIT WONDER from the British charts of the 1960s. We started on the first Sunday of September, 2008, and we reached Tony, Troy Shondell and Silkie last Sunday, playing the hits at the steady rate of three a week!!
    I’ll be happy to plug the Cardiff gig on the show tomorrow (as I said before, you can listen in on-line at where there’s a Listen Live facility on the home page), and it would be great if we could get Tony on the phone around 8.30 to REALLY give it some clout!! 08454 900 555 – local rates for the call from anywhere in the UK they tell me!!

  26. mike mclean says:

    Thanks to Phil and Paul, Tony WILL guest on my show this evening (see previous posts for details!!) FANTASTIC!! Thanks guys!

  27. Paul Pesticcio says:

    Hi Mike, I hope your chat with Tony went well, He is a great guy, Well respected in this area, Tried to catch your show, but I am not the best on these computors, But I will keep on trying,
    Regards Paul.

  28. OMG reading some of these comments takes me way back to Cardiff’s Rock ‘n’Roll scene I have got Tony Sheveton’s phone number some where I will dig it out.
    I must get to the gig in cardiff should you need a cmpere then I’m your man

  29. Paul Pesticcio says:

    Hi Tony Wyn- Jones,
    I have a compare to help me on the 14th November, ( Batman )
    But it will be a great night and it is for a great charity, I sure we have all lost friends to cancer, but if you would like to help on the night I will appreciate it, Its a long night from 5 til 11, and Batman could get tired,
    Its the age thing Ha Ha!! come on all you Rock & Rollers, Lets have your support,

  30. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi All

    It was fantastic last weekend when we had the first proper reunion and revival of former musicians and rollers from rock n roll city Cardiff. The 50’s and 60’s was a fabulous time for Cardiff. So it was especially good to witness Tony Sheveton doing his stuff and not just talked about on this fabulous web page. He was great and I think he enjoyed it too!

    Like a dream come true, we were all uplifted and there was much exchanging of addresses and reminiscence. Remembering the good old days meant that it was inevitable that we missed lots of the show. Charlie Gracie and Class of 58, Tony Sheveton, Johnny Tudor, Stan Stennet, Mal Catman Clint etc.. The Class of 58 now have their grown up kids in the band thus continuing the tradition of great rnr in Wales.

    There is talk now of a reunion of that first rnr band that we all remember, the Solid Six who were later the Gary Edwards Combo. Paul Pesticcio is plannng something for next year and I’m sure he’ll let us know in time. Meanwhile Paul many thanks for last Sunday’s Show. I think you have started something “Big” now! Watch this space!


    Phil Morgan

  31. Paul Pesticcio says:

    Hi Phil
    I am glad you all enjoyed it, I am sorry I was so busy did not get a chance to talk to everyone, the next one will be late febuary early march,
    I have been offerd the St Mellons Golf Club,as a venue, I think thats central for most people, I thank every body for there support,
    I gave velindre Hospital a cheque for £500.00 on the tuesday after, anybody interested in comming along, phone Paul 07855642277
    or email:

  32. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi Paul Pesticcio,

    You son of a gun …. is what Charlie Gracie called you during the show!

    Who are the members of the Solid Six and Gary Edwards Combo that you are still in touch with? Is there a possibility of them getting together for a reunion? I know there was some changes made but wouldn’t it be great to see these guys again!

    Thanks again

    Phil Morgan

  33. Paul Pesticcio says:

    Hi Phil,
    I think I told you Charlie was staying at one of my flats, on Saturday the 20th, I took charlie & his wife Joan, To Vittories in Newport,
    Chalies wife is Italian, Her mothers name Was De.Amarto from Naples,
    My Grandmothers name also was De.Amarto and also from Naples,
    So I have started to reseach if we are related, On the way back from the restaraunt, we stoped at my docters house he is a friend of mine, there was a birthday party, they had hired a guitarist, well Charlie was only there for five minutes he said to the guy can I borrow your piece, it took us an hour to get Charlie off, I felt sorry for the guy that had to carry the evening on, Ref; Solid Six, I am still it touch with Gary Cooper, Vince Helkvist, Mac Todd , Tony Sheveton, Joey Escott, Dusty Miller Died, Maly Jones went to the states, I am going to put a reunion night together, Not just for the Solid Six, But for all theCardiff Bands that were around in the fifties and sixties, I need to contact a lot of people to see if there is interest,

  34. KLinNYC says:

    Good B-side, and these interesting comments to read.

  35. Phil Morgan says:

    Tales From The Woods Roots Magazine now free New issue is just out!

    Contains lots of information about the 2 ‘I’s Coffee Bar reunion in January at the Borderline Club 2011.

    Also other rock and roll blasts from the past and people you do know!

    Just subscribe and they will send you the all important ‘password’

    And it’s free!

  36. JRD says:

    Lee Gordon (mentioned in Vivian’s thread above) was a top singer/showman during this era with his own showband Lee’s Legend and then Gordon Brothers – playing all around the country.

    Most of the people mentioned on this thread will remember him. As well as singing and friends with the likes of Mickey Gee, Tony Sheveton, Frankie Johnson, Dave Edmond, Gary Cooper etc to name but a few mentioned on here.

    I would be interested to hear about any memories of Lee who coincidently died 4 years ago today.

    Lee Gordon – a true Legend!

  37. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi JRD

    Viv will be pleased to hear this mention of Lee Gordon and he will be automatically informed of your posting as will many others who knew the Gary Edwards Combo and friends of theirs. I’ll ask Viv what he remembers of Lee – he lives in Portsmouth – but is still in touch.


  38. JRD says:

    Thanks Phil appreciate that.

    If anyone else remembers Lee please post – would love to hear any memories from his time in the Bristol hotel in Cardiff and New Moon club as well as these his comedy show-band played all over South Wales and as mentioned sang with the likes of Lavern Brown, Mickey Gee, Tony Sheveton, Frankie Johnson, Dave Edmond, Gary Cooper, Georgie Johnson.

  39. Paul Pesticcio says:

    Hi JRD,
    Lee Gordons real name was Gordon Dawes, He had a brother Billy also sadly gone, and another brother Terry, who I saw last week at a funeral, they lived in Buzzard Street Adamsdown, his neibours were another family of singers & entertainers the Sestanovich`s, Lee gordon started his singing days in his onw name, he would sing in local pubs and clubs, the Municipal Club in City Road the Rumney & the Eagle, and loads more, He was still singing in the Victoria Club up to the year before he died, A lovely guy, and had a great voice, hope this was of interest for you,

  40. JRD says:

    Hi Paul,

    Gordon was my dad, I am sorry I did not make this clear in my original post. But thank you for the info though about his early days singing and your kind words.
    He would often tell us the stories but I am keen to find out as much as I can about his singing career. I often came to watch him on Sundays down the Vic etc but there is so much I don’t know about his past.

    So please if anyone else has any great memories of Lee Gordon then please post.

    thanks all,

  41. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi Gang

    Terry Dene sent me this information concerning the 2 I’s Coffee Bar and those pioneering rnr days ! I’m not expecting the Gary Edwards Combo to be mentioned but you never know ! Besides its a reminder of where the Combo played !

    Phil Morgan


    27 March · 10:00 – 13:00


    Location BBC Radio 4: 11 am


    Created by: Terry Dene


    More info Edition of Radio 4’s The Reunion. This programme is presented by Sue MacGregor, it broadcasts on Sunday 27 March 2011 at 11 am. The programme reunites the people who frequented and performed at the 2i’s Coffee Bar or who found themselves part of the stable of acts run by Larry Parnes. In the programme you will hear all about the early days of rock and roll in the UK, hence why I am in touch.

    Guests: Terry Dene, Marty Wilde, Bruce Welch of the Shadows, vince Eager and Clem Cattini.

  42. mike says:

    Hi all, just came across this site. My oh my what fantastic info- I have known some of these guys since living in South Wales. I would love to be involved in the next reunion if possible in March 2011. Thanks again for the interesting read.


  43. paul says:

    Although being in my thirties, i don’t remember the music. but These stories have interested me as Bill Young, member of the Solid six and Gary Edwards combo, drinks in the pub where i work in salisbury. He has told me many stories of his time in the bands.

  44. Ian Todd says:

    Just wanted to add that Mac Todd (drummer with Solid Six and Gary Edwrads Combo) is my father. If you want to hear a good track, try the instrumental ‘Africa’. It is a classic, but then I would say that!

  45. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi Ian

    Great that you posted here and I’m wondering where we will get to with this now long and interesting blog !

    I met your father Mac Todd at the recent Rockin’ 50’s Show at the Earl Haig Club on 14th November last year headlined by Charlie Gracie which was a massive success.

    Mac has in the past played many many times with Jerry Chandler the piano vocalist (Dave Cole) and Jerry has asked Mac if he will play drums should he require a drummer. Mac said yes which means that Mac with myself on bass could be playing together. If this happens it will be a very emotional evening !

    I remember ‘Africa’ and you really should have seen this band live they were absolutely amazin’ … I wonder if any footage remains from the show Thank Your Luck Stars with Brian Mathew ?

    Thanx again Ian … great to speak !

    Phil ( p.s. I’m on facebook look for Phil Morgan )

  46. Phil Morgan says:


    Oriole CB1700 Twist or bust / Franz Liszt twist

    Oriole CB1717 Twistful thinking / Method

    Oriole CB1733 Africa / One fifteen A.M.

    Oriole CB1759 Hopscotch / Theme from a broken dream

    Owned by Maurice Levy; sold to CBS in 1965
    notable artists included Russ Hamlton , Chas McDevitt’s Skiffle Group ,
    Nancey Whiskey , Mareen Evans
    A+R Jack Baverstock , John Schroeder
    Subsidiaries were Embassy and Realm sold through Woolworths
    other subsidiaries were Melodisc and Bluebeat which became so popular
    that a rival was established by Chris Blackwell in 1962 Island Records.

  47. michael todd says:

    I will have to agree with Ian todd comments,that if you want to listern to good track,” Africa Track” is very good,But i would say this because Mac Todd is my father.So if anybody has a copy we would love to have it.

  48. Boursin says:

    Melodisc WAS NOT a subsidiary of Oriole. Melodisc (whose subsidiary was Blue Beat) was an entirely separate, competing company, owned by Emil Shallit. It continued at least well into the ’70s, long after Oriole was absorbed by CBS.

    In his 2009 autobiography “Sex & Violins”, Oriole producer John Schroeder quotes a March 1962 news item from the New Musical Express that briefly mentions the Gary Edwards Combo’s “The Method” and “Franz Liszt Twist”, suggesting that those were the A sides. Schroeder’s book has nearly 40 pages discussing the three years or so that he spent with Oriole in the early 1960s – very informative.

  49. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi Boursin

    Thanks for the correction about Melodisc which was another indie and not a subsiduary. I misread Charlie Gillet’s Sound of the City.

    Thanks also for the information regarding John Schroeder and his quote about the Gary Edwards Combo.


  50. Ian Todd says:

    Hi Phil

    Would love to have seen them live, but mum and dad hadn’t got around to creating me at that time! I have see dad play on many an occasion and I know how good he is!! Wish I played myself (maybe take it up when I’m 50). My daughter plays a bit and has used dad’s drums!!

    Tried to do some digging regarding ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’. Sent some emails a few years ago to ITV (it was broadcast on ATV I think), but to no avail. I believe the tapes were wiped, as was the principal in those days. So much good stuff went up in smoke!! Big shame really

    Kind regards

    ian Todd

  51. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi Ian

    We need a strategy to go forward … I was wondering if you were aware that there are a lot of old Cardiff musicians on Facebook as indeed I am and a lot of the talk lately is about the old clubs etc that we use to play. If you can find me and a photo as a young teenager dressed in black I’ll accept your friend request !

    Bye Phil

  52. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi Ian

    Just wanted to tell you and the other guys on here that Brian Mathew actually played the Gary Edwards Combo – THE METHOD 1962 this morning which was a request from Johnathan Bennison. Great to hear this again. So if you want to hear it again it should be on the BBC iplayer Radio 2 Brian Mathew – Sounds of the Sixties 2nd April 2011 for the next 7 days.

    Phil Morgan

  53. Ian Todd says:

    Hi Phil

    Listened to the method this morning on I-Player. Thanks for the email. Have sent a message to Brian Mathew to see if he can find/play ‘Africa’ in the BBC archive

    Fingers crossed


  54. Phil Morgan says:

    Now that Ian Todd is researching the Gary Edwards Combo here is an extract from their 1962 UK tour programme:



    Rock n Roll groups are as numerous as rabbits in a warren. The Gary Edwards Combo is amongst the finest.
    They fuse together magnificently and produce a primative and elemental sound which is electrifying in its impact.

    The group was formed in December 1961. They have worked alnighters at the Flamingo and have demonstrated the twist at special request
    at the Pigalle. On Christmas and New Years Eve they played in Londons newest restaurant the Bon Soir.

    Gary Edward Cooper is 21 years old and was born in Cardiff. Gary started his musical career with the Streamliners three and a half years ago in Cardiff. His ambition is to succeed in show business. His favourite pastimes are listening to opera Bing Crosby and Ray Charles.

    Malcolm Jones is 18 years old. Plays bass guitar. At school his best subjects were science and P.T. and his favourite artist is Ray Brown bass.
    He is a native of Cardiff.

    David (Dusty) Miller is 18 years old. Plays lead guitar. His favourite instrmentalist is Chet Atkins. Before entering show business he worked in a solicitors office. Dave too was born in Cardiff.

    Malcolm (Mac) Todd is a naturally gifted exponent of the drums and Malcolm is 21 years old. He is a great admirer of Buddy Rich and Ray Charles and was once a moulder in a foundry. His hobbies are driving and reading.

    Chubby Checker
    The Brook Brothers
    Chas McDevitt & Shirley Douglas
    The Kestrels
    Susan Singer
    Gary Edwards Combo
    Red Price & His Orchestra
    Bob Bain (compere)

    Promoter – Arthur Howes

    September 1962

    2 – Blackpool (Opera House)
    3 – Bristol (Colston Hall)
    4 – Wolverhampton (Gaumont)
    6 – Manchester (Apollo)
    7 – Stockton (Globe)
    8 – Newcastle (City Hall)
    9 – Liverpool (Empire)
    12 – Leeds (Odeon)
    13 – Hull (ABC)
    14 – Norwich (Theatre Royal)
    15 – Portsmouth (Guildhall)
    16 – Leicester (De Montfort Hall)
    19 – Birmingham (Town Hall)
    21 – East Ham (Granada)
    22 – Sheffield (City Hall)
    23 – Birmingham (Granada)
    Red Price and his orchestra
    Susan Singer
    The Kestrals
    Bob Bain
    Chas McDevitt and Shirley Douglas
    The Brook Brothers
    Gary Edwards Combo
    Bob Bain
    Chubby Checker
    promoter Charles H Lockier


  55. Paul Pesticcio says:

    Hi Paul.Who works in a Pub where Billy Young Drinks, I was big mates with Billy, When he was with the Solid Six, He was living in Rogerstone then, I would love to be able to contact him, If anyone can help,!!
    My email:

  56. Phil Morgan says:

    I came across this track listing of British Instrumentals and the Gary Edwards Combo is listed playing … “1.15am” … a great track which shows that these guys had lots of talent!

    Those British Instrumentals Volume 3 CD
    The classic sound of British Instrumental groups from the late 1950s and early ’60s. 30 great instrumentals rockers from the British Rock ‘n’ Roll era featuring The Outlaws, Peter Jay and The Jaywalkers, Nero and The Gladiators, The Krew Kats, The Beachcombers, The Barons, The Fentones, The Packabeats, Jet Harris and Tony Meehan, The Tom Cats and many others.
    Track Listing:
    Red Price : Danger Man
    The Outlaws : Ambush
    Peter Jay and The Jaywalkers : Poet & Peasant
    Nero and The Gladiators : The Trek To Rome
    The Krew Kats : Peak Hour
    The Beachcombers : Mad Goose
    The Barons : Samurai
    Wayne Gibson and The Dynamic Sounds : Pop The Whip
    The Fentones : The Mexican
    The Moontrekkers : Melodie D’amour
    The Krew Kats : Samovar
    Gary Edwards Combo : 1.15 Am
    The Honeycombs : Hurricane
    The Packabeats : Gypsy Beat
    The Rustlers : High Strung
    The Outlaws : Swingin’ Low
    Nero and The Gladiators : Bleak House
    Jet Harris and Tony Meehan : Applejack
    The Checkmates : Yep
    Geoff Goddard : Sky Men
    The Dakotas : Magic Carpet
    The Staccato’s : Topaz
    Ted Taylor Four : Talent Spot
    Stonehenge Men : Pinto
    Nashville Five : More Like Nashville
    Nero and The Gladiators : Hall Of The Mountain King
    The Cougars : Fly By Night
    The Ramblers : Dodge City
    The Scorpions : Scorpio
    The Tom Cats : Tom Tom Cat

    Ian Todd whose Dad is Mac Todd the Combo’s drummer should be pleased I found this !


  57. Phil Morgan says:


    The above cd details are as follows :
    Those British Instrumentals Volume 3 CD
    Sling Back Records London available


  58. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi Guys

    Great news for Gary Edwards Combo fans – Mac Todd their original drummer played a gig last Saturday nite in Cardiff with Dave piano Cole and the Crazy Cats. An emotional reunion for me to play with one of my heroes who I first came across as a teenager in our local youth club dance back in the early 60’s. Here is a link to a video from Saturday’s gig. Well done Mac ! or go to you tube and type in … Hand me down my Walking Cane – Dave Cole + Crazy Cats


  59. Ian Todd says:

    The Old Man still has it then. He seemd to make it look effortless! Did he rehearse at all?

  60. Ian Todd says:

    Have you bought that CD Phil?

  61. Paul Pesticcio says:

    Hi Guys,
    We have another great night of Rock & Roll for you,
    The 11th of October, The Earl Haig Club Whitchurch,
    Charlie Gracie, Linda Gail Lewis, + Class of 58,( Howie ,Cristine, & Family,) We are also speaking to a few others to make it a great night, Anybody interested in making it a great day, we could start it at about 4.0 clock, anyone could come along and have a good jam,
    Let me know your thoughts, You can contact me on 07855642277.
    or email We are all getting older, Charlie may not be over next year, As you know he is 75 now but still as good as ever, So lets show him that wecome in the hill side,

  62. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi Ian

    Sorry to say I have not bought the cd and have been looking for something with more of the combo’s tracks on it. The ‘Method’ was on Brian Mathew a while back and I copied that from the iplayer. I’m very worried about copyright and don’t want to upset anyone by posting it anywhere. Funny this, because on you tube there are loads of tracks copied and shared around apparently without concern. Perhaps someone should contact Oriole !

    Johnny Wiltshire from Cardiff was on Oriole and Micky Finn was from Cardiff on Oriole, not forgetting our Tony Sheveton. I wonder how they stand with regard copyright.

    The gig with your Dad at St Joes this wasn’t rehearsed, and we never rehearse anyway. Maybe just practice a little at home. Like riding a bike your Dad hasn’t forgot how to play. Best part was it did us all a power of good, like being teenagers again. Worst part is carrying all the gear, otherwise no problems.

    Cheers Phil

  63. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi Paul Pesticcio

    11th October 2011 at the Earl Haig Club is in my diary and I would love to jam with anyone who wanted a bassist !

    Keep rockin’


  64. Paul Pesticcio says:

    Hi Phil, Sorry for the delay, I have only just saw your posting,
    I have not any replies for people to jam yet,
    But I will keep you informed, I have your phone number,
    Regards Paul.

  65. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi All

    There are at least two numbers by the Gary Edwards Combo now on You Tube … Twist or Bust and the Method !

    and Paul P hope the show at Earl Haig Club Cardiff on 11th Oct with Charie Gracie and Linda Gail Lewis along with Class of 58 and others is a massive success like last year … I know Tommy Miller guitarist with the Rebels of old has expressed a wish for a jam before the show along with myself ! Hope other old timers get in touch !


  66. Phil Morgan says:

    Gary Edward Duffy Cooper this month December 2011 had a reunion with some of his fellow Cardiff musicians at the Crwys pub in Cardiff and met with Tommy Miller of the Rebels, along with Eddie Williams of many bands including Southpaw, Ross Doubler, and Bernard Poyser of the Sons of Adam. If all goes well there should be more reunions in the future. Gary is looking well at 72!

  67. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi Guys

    I just came across this video clip of Gary Edwards filmed at the Royal Exchange Llandaff North Cardiff only last year. Gary looks different at 70 but he can still rip it up! I’m hoping I can post and make this link work for you all

    If not he is on You Tube with this vid so just search for the Vikings Blues Band with Gary doing a number.

    Thanks Phil

    Ian Todd … Mac Todd’s son … try and get Mac to watch this as he would be thrilled to see his band mate still performing !

  68. Phil Morgan says:

    Went out to see my hero from the old days last nite Tony Sheveton who use to sing with the Gary Edwards Combo and who is still going strong ! Here is a link to a short video I made

    Something that will interest his fans and the boys from the band on here … and message for Mac Todd … Tony wants to meet up soon for a reunion when it can be arranged !

    Bye Phil

  69. Every time I try to leave a comment it wont so i’m trying again Hi Phill how are you sorry not been in touch for ages but i’ve not been to good the past few months I love the video of Tony I need to get in touch with him as I want to get him on my radio show I hope you are and the wife are keeping well I hope I can get this message through to you

  70. Ruth says:

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently researching the history of the Pavilion (better known as The Marina) in Penarth for a project that is aiming to renovate this iconic building, now sitting run down and unused.

    From interviewing residents I recognise lots of the names on here as musicians and bands that they remember seeing at the Marina.

    Does anyone remember shows at the Marina, what it was like?

    Does anyone have photos of the Pavilion back then, interior or exterior?

    I am based in Penarth and currently interviewing and researching whenever so if anyone would like to contribute that would be fantastic and a great help to my project.

    Feel free to leave your memories on here – or email me at with details.

  71. Phil Morgan says:

    I never actually played there but I believe I saw the Son’s of Adam there in the early 60’s … don’t remember much about the venue as dark and packed out … lots of bikers outside and I was one of them … we use to watch the local bikers belting down the hill and along the promenade … I know one of those got killed doing this. You should try looking on facebook as lots of the above musicians that are mentioned are on there, and meet up from time to time … Paul Barrett is on FB and he would have put on rock n roll shows at the Marina !

  72. Phil Morgan says:

  73. Phil Morgan says:

    Gary Edwards has also played in other bands. The original line up of Andy Fairweather Low’s ‘Sect Maniacs’ included Gary Edwards, who is also Charlotte Church’s grandfather. Andy Fairweather Low later merged the Sect Maniacs, with the ‘Dekkas’ and ‘Brother John and the Witnesses’, (all Cardiff bands) to form Amen Corner. Amen Corner recorded with Deram and had hits starting with Gin House Blues in 1967.

  74. Phil Morgan says:

    This is the Solid Six, who were later to become the Gary Edwards Combo and on vocals is Vince Helkvist. The recording is from an original acetate found in the groups van by their roadie Paul Pesticcio, and although not taken care of at the time still plays !

  75. Tony Wyn-Jones says:

    If only we could get a reunion I’d love to come back home to do a gig if it was not for Phil the Bass i would never have remembered these days in particular I’d forgotten about Agents 4 like Phil the past few years have not been to good for me I lost my 20 year old son Jonathan just over five years ago even worse it was on my birthday he had a massive seizure in his sleep it’s hard to come to terms with as i’m sure Phil is the same as it’s not long ago his Dad passed away.
    Hope we can all or some of us can get together some time, i’m still trying to trace Mark Bowley who was the was one time DJ at the Kennard Rooms and later the Top Rank in Cardiff i’m on facebook so you can get in touch with me there

  76. Phil Morgan says:

    The Solid Six went on to great things each and every one of them and had low chart entries whilst in the Gary Edwards Combo … but Tony my band was the Square Four (not Agents Four … you where the agent/manager for the Square Foiur) named in the same vein as the Solid Six who use to play in our youth club in Cardiff in 1959.

    Tony there is to be an article with photos this coming week in the South Wales Echo about Cardiff bands of the 50’s and 60’s, don’t know who they will feature, but Cardiff has done well on the Rockin’ World Stage !

  77. Tony Wyn-Jones says:

    Sorry Phill but ever since we made contact I don’t know why but I all way’s call the band Agents Four why I don’t know I think it must be my age I will have to drum into my head SQUARE FOUR hope you are ok and your wife sorry not been in touch for a while but I have not been too good for awhile but slowly getting there.
    I’m working on a Community Radio Station but it can be heard all over the world via the internet i’m on every Wednesday at 4pm till 6pm I will have to arrange a telephone interview with you if you can e-mail me your land line number I will give you a call and arrange something.
    Takes care mate.

  78. Howard williams says:

    What about other Cardiff bands such as the southerners and the chevrons.

  79. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi Howard, there are quite a few of us oldies from Cardiff bands on facebook and we meet up at the Roath Park on a tuesday to share our memories … there is a photo on facebook of the Chevrons and I have a video of Joey Escott of the Southerners on you tube under philbthebass … Gary Edwards gets in the Roath Park quite often ! Phil

  80. Howard williams says:

    Thanks for that info PHIL. I was in school with Micky,mally & dusty at caer castell. My first band was the searchers with Micky Gee & Ronnie (chuffer) Fox. To good for us tho and went on to much better things (history). I carried on singing with the southerners when joey escort left to go pro with joey & the gentlemen. Later turned manager of the Chevrons for a couple of years with Roger Mullins,Dave Williams,Howard Webber,Alan Roberts & John Sithers who was replaced on drums my Mac Todd when he came back from the smoke. His brother Ray was an original member of the Solid Six only to be replaced by Billy Young who came from a Newport band called the Midnighters. I was also very friendly in those days with Tommy Miller of the Rebels. I remember all the venues of the day including the .77 sunset strip in Barry,the Marina,the Paget,the Victoria ballroom, the Majestic in Newport and loads more. Great to talk to someone with the same interests & memories.

  81. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi Howard, fantastic info from you and I don’t know where to start. Firstly, you must be just a few years older than me. I am really glad you mentioned the Searchers because besides me nobody of the ones meeting up remember them. I remember them because Steve Liston and the Square 4 use to practice in the geography room at the far end of Caer Castell. You used the room for the first hour then you set up in the hall and we used it for the second hour. Often Derel Wayland from the Cardiff and Surburban News came along to watch us all … as did Tony Wyn Jones later he managed Deano who went into the charts. I’ll spread the names around you mention to people like Paul Pesticcio Gary Edwards Combo roadie who found that acetate of the Solid Six and I put on you tube. You didn’t mention Frank Smith phantom bass or Les Rockey the drummer with the Searchers. But Mac Todd I played with last year the G E Combo drummer and this was at St Joes in Whitchurch Road. We are due for another show there sometime before xmas, with Dave piano Cole and the Crazy Cats, Dave Cole is actually Dave Williams. I’ll get back with news or maybe you could join us on facebook … Tommy Miller and Ken Collier are on there and Nick Still etc etc. Bye Phil

  82. Howard Williams says:

    I have a photo in my possesion showing THE SEARCHERS on stage at the Gaumont Cardiff


  83. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi Howard … Lots of people remember you on facebook including Tommy Miller. If you wish you can send me a scan of that photo of the Searchers which were actually around at the time of the Solid Six and Gary Edwards Combo. Members probably will then exchange ideas and this might help in our search for the missing combo members like Mally Jones. He apparently worked with Crosby Stills and Nash as some kind of producer.

  84. Tony Wyn-Jones says:

    OMG again more memories thanks to Phil the Bass who had to remind me that I was manager of Steve Liston and the Square Four I need some tracks to play on my radio show for more details contact me at my e-mail address

  85. Howard Williams says:


    I know Spooner Oldham who is backing musician with PAUL YOUNG of CROSBY,STILLS NASH & YOUNG and he may know the wearabouts of Mally Jones. I will make some contact and see what I can find out. He (Spooner) was inducted into the ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME last year and was recently named as the favorite musician of NICK TODD (Spillers Records) in an interview with the SOUTH WALES ECHO. His daughter daughter Roxanne is married to MARK BOWEN of WITCHITAW RECORDS who is from CARDIFF and his parents Pauline & Colin live in Lisvane. Good to hear Tommy remembers me. He was a character around Cardiff and I particulary remember his love of cars and he has a ZEPHYR ZODIAC which was the nearest thing to a Yankee Car he could get. I recall him putting his hand up to Dusty Millers long skinny fingers only Tommy,s were short and stubby but overcame this to be a very good lead.

    Howard Williams

  86. Phil Morgan says:

    I just found a Vic Arnold on the net who replaced Mally Jones on the Chubby Checker Tour back in the sixties … I’d not known this or heard of him but quote from the Linda official blogg says “I left school and started working as a tailor’s cutter, but I left to join a pro band, “The Gary Edwards Combo,” and we were booked for a six week tour with Chubby Checker. That was like being whisked into a wh
    irlwind. I was absolutely overawed. All those people on the show were household names and there was little old me. They band had a record deal with Oriel Records, and had a minor hit with a dance craze song called “The Method,” which came with an insert of dance instructions: “Be a bird, be a bee, be a flower and be a tree,” etc. Then there was a star called Jess Conrad who was a bit of a looker in the early sixties. He does the occasional TV appearance now, and still looks great. ” he is now a singer in the style of Cash and lives in Pembroke !!! Phil Morgan

  87. Phil Morgan says:

    I just found this snippet about the Gary Edwards Combo on a blogg Freaky Trigger as detailed below talking about Lonnie donegan tracks that are missing but this shows some of the top artists that the combo worked with:

    THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS: with Lonnie Donegan, Gary Miller, The Springfields, Susan Terry, Gary Edwards Combo, Danny Davis, Tony Rocco, Paul Hollingdale (1962)

    Freaky Trigger is a website dedicated to smart, informal writing about pop culture – music, film, TV, food and drink, books, art, science and anything else we fancy writing about. We’re not particularly cutting edge, but we’re generous, affable and curious.

  88. Phil Morgan says:

    Not too bad for a 50 year old recording highlighting Dusty Miller !

  89. Andy Thompson says:

    Anyone remember The Teenage Show from the late 50s in the Gaumont? Compulsory for increasingly hormonal teenagers. There was a sort of male prowling at the interval, which consisted of various groups of us in unregimented lines, feigning disinterest in the still seated girls. The aforementioned females however didn’t have to feign their disinterest….it was genuine! But I digress, the band that (Were they bands in the 50s…or groups?)..the group that I recall most distinctly were The Dominoes. Sadly I remember them so well because every single time they hit the stage a chorus of boos would resound through the auditorium, and not stop until they’d left. Ergo we never got a chance to find out if they were any good as nobody ever heard them!! If any band could be called the most popular at the time, it would have been The Sons Of Adam, fronted by my old St Joseph’s classmate Bernard Poyser…great version of Benny Spellman’s Fortune Teller, but I suppose pipped at the fame post by Amen Corner. Weird to think that when we’re dodging the crazed crowds on the ground floor of Primark, we’re in what was the Gaumont doing a 21st century version of The Teenage Show prowl and below in the men’s department, we stroll around a much changed and unrecognizable Top Rank, where ten years after The Teenage Show I was still on the prowl.

  90. Phil Morgan says:

    I remember the teenage show and so does Howard Williams who sent me a photograph recently of the Cardiff band the Searchers. I am not able to post the photo which was taken from the wings of the stage, but here is the description …Note from Howard Williams says … I have a photo in my possesion showing THE SEARCHERS on stage at the Gaumont Cardiff with FRANK SMITH, LES ROCKY, ROY SHUNTER, RONNIE (CHUFFER)FOX & MYSELF 1960 ish … (after Micky Gee had left says Howard)
    I would say that Frank Smith was far right with that Tuxedo bass, that Roy Shunter had fair hair so he is nearest to camera. Chuffa is faced looking at Les on the drums and has perhaps a Hofner. With yourself Howard Williiams singing. Must be a manager for the Gaumont against the curtain ?

    I actually bumped into Bernard Poyser today at the Cottage in Cardiff. As you say the Sons of Adam were big and well well known at the time, and with a huge fan club run by his girlfriend/wife !

    Glad to hear your memories … so still some of us still around !

  91. The Teenage Show, that brings back some memories. One of the inhouse lighting engineers used to live in Greenway Road, Rumney and used to get me and some of the lads free tickets. I particularly remember one of my favourites ‘Dickie Pride’ The Shiek of Shake.

  92. Graham Dew says:

    I played bass during the sixties for the Outcasts with Tommy Miller Eddie Williams Paul Talbot on drums later replaced with Mac Davies.Mally Jones played keyboards with us just before leaving for the U.S.being replaces by John Jenkins who later joined Tom Jones backing band the Squires with Mickey Gee. Also in the early days of the band we had Cal Ford on vocals along with Ricky Martin..Anybody remember us???

  93. Phil Morgan says:

    Graham you mentioned Eddie Williams and Tommy Miller and Cal Ford … I don’t know if you know but Eddie, who moved house today, is on Facebook and Tommy. Futhermore, Cal Ford’s son Ian Cal Ford is on Facebook. There are photos of The Outcasts which are shown and shared on there.

    One other piece of news is that Gary Edward Cooper celebrated his 75th this month at The Duke of Clarence in Cardiff, with all his friends and family. He was also singing much of the nite !

    Thank you Andreas Michalke, who runs this blogg, and Gary says he enjoys reading it !!!

  94. Andy Thompson says:

    Greetings Vivian, have we got the same Teenage Show? Mine’s the one in the Gaumont Queen St, filled with a cross section of Cardiff’s finest pre and only just post pubescents. Yours contains a lighting engineer, mine probably had one of the usherettes flicking a light switch on and off! Yours had tickets, mine was just 1/6d slapped on the ticket box counter and I was in! Yours had (Here’s where I know we were in two different places) Dicky Pride…..who, whilst not exactly in the upper strata of pop stars of the day, was actually a regular on Thank Your Lucky Stars/ Six Five Special, and despite his “Shaking” resembling someone in the throes of advanced Scabies, was rather a big name at that time. Mine had the frigging Dominoes!

  95. Phil Morgan says:

    Whilst browsing on google I found this little snip from a blogg by Vic Arnold who was from Aberdare South Wales.

    He writes in one section that he “left school and started working as a tailor’s cutter, but I left to join a pro band, “The Gary Edwards Combo,” and we were booked for a six week tour with Chubby Checker. That was like being whisked into a whirlwind. I was absolutely overawed. All those people on the show were household names and there was little old me. They band had a record deal with Oriel Records, and had a minor hit with a dance craze song called “The Method,” which came with an insert of dance instructions: “Be a bird, be a bee, be a flower and be a tree,” etc. Then there was a star called Jess Conrad who was a bit of a looker in the early sixties. He does the occasional TV appearance now, and still looks great.”

    Because Mally Jones was the bass player with the GEC all I can assume is that Mally was replaced for some reason by Vic Arnold ! Does anybody know Vic Arnold or can someone throw some light on this?

  96. Phil Morgan says:

    News Flash … Tommy Miller who was the lead guitarist with Cardiff band The Rebels etc… has tracked down Solid Six bassist and Gary Edwards Combo bassist “Mally Jones” … Tom wrote on FB that he has been in touch with Mally in Catalina USA ! … Tom will keep us posted especially when we have our local meet up shortly !

  97. Carly says:

    I am a grand-daughter of Gordon Dawes (Lee Gordon) and I would love to hear all of your stories about him. I miss him lots x x

  98. Howard Williams says:



  99. Tony Wyn-Jones says:

    Hi Phill sorry not been in touch for awhile but i’ve had a bad time still can’t get over the loss of my son i’m on radio Tirced Easter Monday 1pm till 4pm and Wednesday 10am till 1pm if you go to and click on list live you will be able to tune in i’m hoping to down the Gary Edwards Combo so I can play it unless you can send it to me at

  100. Phil Morgan says:

    This April 2013 video is relevant to those interested in The Gary Edwards Combo, because the drummer is Mac Todd playing the drums that he played on the Oriole recordings with GEC. He bought this Rogers kit, which are grey and black, in Denmark Street London in 1962 … Mac joked they are falling apart like him, but they both looked great to me !

  101. Keith Smith says:

    Really interesting website.

    Hailing from the Eastern Valley, I’m currently compiling names of bands and members from the 60s from the Cwmbran, Pontypool, Newport area.

    Maybe we will one day put a website together for this part of the world.I was studying in Cardiff College of Art back in the 60s, and remember many of the Cardiff bands of the time.

    I became friendly with John Jenkins who is mentioned on the website. We spent many an evening at his house in Fairwater, knocking out some Jerry Lee licks on his piano – although he was a much better player than me at the time. (Hope I’ve got the right guy – worked in piano section of Gamlins until a few years ago?).

    I worked in an office with Steve Percy of The Sunsets several years ago. He was always telling us about the band’s court case – which no-one believed. But I understand they won their case eventually.

    The Cwmbran band I later joined was called Gerry and The Rebels, and we were very well known in the Easter Valley. We supported Dave Edmunds at Croesyceiliog School. Dave used a lot of pedals, but had unfortunately forgotten one, so we had to keep playing until someone had driven back to Cardiff to collect it before he would make an appearance.

    Also played a few gigs with Andy F-L at Porthcawl Pavilion.

    A popular visiting band then was The Sons of Adam. I remember Tommy Riley was on drums, but can anyone tell me anything more about them? Band members etc – I think they were just a three-piece at the time.

    Glad to say, I’m still gigging at 69 with a band called The Beavers – often to be seen in O’Neill’s (opposite The Prince of Wales near Cardiff bus station).

    Best wishes with the website,


  102. Howard Williams says:

    Hi Kieth, my name is Howard Williams and I was a vocalist with a few bands in the 60,s
    including The Searchers (The late Micky Gee on lead) and The SOUTHERNERS (took over from Joey Escott when he went to London with Joey & the gentlemen).I was very friendly with a guy from Newport called Billy Young who had a group called the Midnighters and used to play at the Graig youth club in Bassaleg. Billy later joined THE SOLID SIX which was a top band in Cardiff in those days. They later turned pro as the GARY EDWARDS COMBO and was led by
    Gary(Duffy)Cooper who is the grandfather of Charlotte Church. I later was the Manager of a band called the Chevrons who were regulars at the Majestic on Stow Hill.

  103. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi Keith and Howard … all very interesting stuff about GEC. I remember the Chevrons and I believe some of them have been along to the Old Rockers reunions this year at The Master Gunner Gabalfa. I’ll let you both know when the next one will be. I could even pop in to see you Keith at O’Neills. The Sons of Adam had Tom Riley on drums and still around and went to last reunion as did Bernard Poyser the lead singer and sax player. Gary Cooper was 75 in January and sang much of the nite. Bass player Mally Jones is in touch with us all on Facebook and lives on Catalina Island CA … he still plays too. Lots of old photos being shared on FB, you should check it out. Steve Percy has just done another gig with the Original Sunsets at Paget Rooms Penarth and the band play the rnr circuit. John Jenkins has joined the Original Sunsets to replace, I think Ace Skudder. and John is on Facebook and attends those reunions I mentioned. Usually about 30 turn up. Cheers Guys … Phil

  104. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi … after thought … Tommy Miller of the Cardiff band The Rebels now has Dusty Miller’s electric semi acoustic double cutaway which I believe is a brown colour. Tommy is on FB and a major mover in organising these reunions ! All best Phil

  105. The more comments I read the more great memerious they bring back thingsw that I have for gotten about does any body have any press cuttings or even pics from the the days of the rock and roll in Cardiff thanks to Phil he realy brought back memories to me things I hade forgotten about. Long before the Top Rank.

  106. Great and valuable comments Phil, I was in the same class as Bernard Poyser in St Joseph’s Primary School, then saw the much underrated Sons Of Adam many times….mostly at the Sophia Gardens Saturday nights (They even provided a bus home to all areas of Cardiff, seems incredible now!). Can you post a list of the upcoming reunion nights please? Blessings, Andy Thompson

  107. Phil Morgan says:

    Incredible … if you are quick there is a bus to all areas … in my dreams … but truly there is an Old Cardiff Rockers reunion tonite 21st October 2013 at the Master Gunner … you must be psychic or can feel the vibes. Last one was in May and they had a band, but maybe no band tonite. Phil

  108. fay sood says:

    Very interesting ! I found this by googling Sons of Adam as I came across two signed postcards of Bob, Tony, Tommy and Bernard in lots of my old papers in the loft today. Dont know where I got them but as I was born in the Vale of Glamorgan, it was probably gigs in Bridgend, Cardiff or Porthcawl in the early to mid 60’s as I left for London in 1966. All very nostalgic !

  109. Philp Morgan says:

    Hi Fay, Bernard Poyser is on Face Book with lots of his rock n roll friends and recently they all met up for an old rockers reunion, that they do every few months. Tom Riley was there for the last couple. Photos are big big big for memories so if you could post them there that would be terrific. Phil Morgan

  110. Hello Fay, is there any way you can upload photos of the postcards here?

  111. chris poyser says:

    Hi all
    My name is Chris and I am Bernie Poyser’s son, I found this page a while ago and nice to see people are still posting. As Phil says my dad is on Facebook and I know he has posted a few photos from the Sons of Adam days. He isn’t singing much nowadays due to health problems (too much of a rock and roll lifestyle :p ) although he is fine.
    We have a scrapbook with newspaper cuttings and promotional material which I created about 25 yrs ago, I will email/phone him and get him to scan some of the bits from it and try to upload it, (I don’t live in Cardiff anymore so don’t see him in person as often as I would like).
    I also have a 4 song demo tape the band created which I will try to upload as listening to one of the songs made me google them again.
    Nice to see that people remember him/the band so fondly and it always makes me happy to read just how popular they appear to have been. :)
    Chris Poyser

  112. Hi Phill the Bass not been in touch for some time due to the fact that i’ve been preathy ill inand out of hospital not sure how long I got left can you send me your e-mail address as i’ve lost yours mine is

  113. Hi Chris, great to read your post from the offspring of my old 1950s classmate Bernard. Sorry to hear he’s not been in the best of health, will you pass on my fond regards from his fellow pupil and avid fan Andy Thompson (Andre). Everything seems to be on Facebook nowadays, I’ve always eschewed these social sites, ever since I reluctantly enrolled on Facebook as someone had posted some local history photos on it. I was dumbfounded to discover that, without my permission it immediately sent “invites” to become my friend to everyone in my address book, which included a couple of people I definitely didn’t want to reconnect with! Strange 21st century way to gather friends methinks, what happened to meeting them face to face (Not Facebook to Facebook) and developing a friendship naturally? And Twitter…don’t get me started…”I woke up today, think I’ll wear my new jeans, oh look here comes a bus”. Yeah, aptly named as seemingly every Twit in the Northern Hemisphere is regaling all the other twits with this crap. Anyway, if you or your dad can put anything up, I’d be overjoyed. Blessings
    Andy Thompson
    Ps, can you ask Bernard if any of these names jog his memory re St Josephs?….Miss MCcarthy, Mrs Garrett, Miss Paarl (Wow!), Sister Cyril, Sister Stanislaus, Miss Edwards, Sister Felicitus, Miss MCcaleevy, Miss Hyde. A few pupils…Paul Horrigan, Frank Milton, Desmond Vick, Peter Goode, Paul Colley, Rosalie Wilks, Veronica Elliott, Annette Evans, Elizabeth Doyle,
    Michael Martin.

  114. BobW says:

    What an amazing site, which I’ve come across by googling the Sons of Adam. They feature in my memories as a brilliant band on the Cardiff scene when I was a kid – and brought to mind by that tv programme ‘They Sold a Million’ with Andy Fairweather-Low the other night. (Which junior school did he go to in Llanrumney? Was it Glan-yr-Afon? There was a photo of him in football kit and I don’t think it was Bryn Hafod where I was and I’m the same age as him.) I’ve got memories of The Sons playing up in Llandaff – at the Parish Hall, I think it was – and at Fitzalan High as well as The Paget Rooms in Penarth: their version of John Lee Hooker’s ‘Boom Boom’ is still pounding through my head right now. How many of these r’n’r stars came from Llanrumney/Rumney? Wasn’t Joey Escott from there? And there was a guy named Stuart with a quiff – used to wear a grey suit – great singer but I can’t remember the name of his band – regularly played the church hall down in Countisbury Avenue, I think. Heady days of great music and their influence is still with us. Keep posting stuff about the re-unions and live gigs, guys.

  115. chris poyser says:

    Hello again
    I have managed to get a few pictures of the Sons of Adam form my dad to upload, hopefully this link should work:

    Only three so far but I am pressing him to scan more of them, fingers crossed I can get the demo track uploaded to Youtube soon and link to those.

  116. chris poyser says:

    Hi again

    Managed to MP3 my dad’s demo track when he was in the Son’s of Adam, hopefully this should work.

    The first track is by a local musician from Cardiff, my dad couldn’t remember who.

    The 2nd track is Got love it you want it, by Slim Harpo

    3rd track is Shame shame shame by Jimmy Read

    4th Track is Gonna send you back to georgia (Hound dog taylor) covered by the Animals

    Hope you enjoy them, Dad is on harmonica and backing vocals, I think Tommy took lead vocals on these songs.


  117. chris poyser says:

    Hello once again :)

    Some more photos, publicity material and flyers.


  118. Fantastic Chris, they look so contemporary, could be any boy band from the current batch! More please if you can. Re the names, Bernard, Tommy (Was it Tony Quinn?) Can’t remember the bass player’s name, can you remind me? Also, any idea what they’re up to now? Please try for the Youtube if possible.

  119. Ps, just seen the bass player’s name on his guitar,,,,Bob, but I can’t remember his surname.

  120. Phil Morgan says:

    All interesting information about The Sons of Adam members of which remain close friends of the Gary Edwards Combo and especially Gary Edward Cooper himself who will be 76 in January 2014. Would be wonderful if Mally Jones their bass player, who lives on Catalina island, LA could return for a proper reunion of the remaining members. Meanwhile here is a track so far not posted of The Gary Edwards Combo …

  121. “If you’re slick you’ll come to the Vic”! Ha ha, I went there many times…slickness quotient…..sadly never more than 15%! These are great Chris and if you’ve got any more please keep ’em coming. Re the music, it’s like being back in Sophia Gardens on a Saturday night, but without the pouting females. Can your dad remember where the photos were taken, I can’t really place it? Also did you show him the list of St Joseph’s alumni….did any ring the proverbial bell?

  122. Howard Webber says:

    Hello All,
    Just like Andy, I have never thought of using social media to talk to people I don’t know. But, someone who does, (no names) put me onto this website as she noticed my name mentioned.I was part of The Chevrons back in the day and, together with Dai Williams and Alan Roberts, (guitars), John Sithers (drums), Steve Rogers aka Roger Mullins (vocals), I played bass, John Sithers had replaced Pip Westhead who went live in Australia and is still there. Later Mac Todd joined after the Gary Edwards Combo split. A few years ago, we held a reunion gig at the Three Arches. Loads of different old-timers turned up for a knock.
    During the 60’s we played with and met everyone in S.Wales in the business. Solid Six, Dave Edmunds and the Raiders, The Heartbeats, Tommy Miller, Andy Fairweather not to mention a thousand others.
    Sadly I met many of these good folk at Mickey Gee’s funeral, Shaky included.
    After the Chevrons I joined a band which was newly formed to play at the Alexanders Palace in Newport. Eddie Williams, Steve Keeley, Rog Mullins, Jake Jacobs, Dai Shell (Sassafrass),Frank Hillier and Tony Etoria were all members at some time.
    I have an acetate of the Chevs recorded at a studio in Cowbridge Road which resulted in a TV appearance on the then TWW and TWN. Anyone know if these old recordings can be obtained? All I have some stills of the band including our very first gig at the Fairwater Pigeon Fanciers annual party ! What an auspicious start !
    Nice to see Ian Todd is taking an interest in his old-man, we always had our work cut out keeping him awake as he doubled as a postman in those days.
    It’s very surprising to find so much interest in the old rockers.
    I went to a reunion night at Maesteg Town Hall a few years back by invitation of Owen Money (Jerry Braden) of the Bystanders – amazed at the old faces there.

  123. Howard Williams says:


  124. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi Howard, well I remember you and probably the first time I saw the Chevrons was on stage at Caer Castell youth club. We had one of the finest stages with lighting for a school in those days and major drama groups would use it for rehearsal. You also played top of St Mary Street in a club below street level, forget the name offhand. Also Fairwater, again at a youth club I saw the Chevrons. I have the members noted as … Chevrons … Roger Mullins, Howard Webber, John Sithers, Dave Williams and Alan Roberts. If I remember correctly you had a large cabinet made from chip board and a Fender Precision. Sometimes a Vox amp with chassis placed on floor. I’ll look on Facebook for members of your band. best wishes Phil

  125. Ruth Curtis says:

    Hi Everyone. I found this blog while searching for information on Cardiff venues and groups of the 1960s. I’m originally from Cardiff, but moved to Australia in 1971. When I was in Cardiff, I used to go out most nights, listening to music or dancing – and reading this page has brought back so many memories.
    I remember Denny Driscoll singing in a group at the Whisky (in St Mary Street?) in 1964 – they did a lot of Everly Brothers songs. I’m trying to remember the name of the guy that sang harmonies with Denny. He played either guitar or bass. This is terrible, as I actually went out with him for about 4 months! But, it WAS a long time ago, and I haven’t thought about him much over the years. Now, it’s driving me crazy that I can’t remember.
    I can’t even remember if the group was still called The Heartbeats – but, if it was, it would have been after Dave Edmunds time with them.
    Hopefully, please, one of you will remember. Thanks.

  126. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi Ruth … had these replies for you … Richard Brydon … Geoff Edmunds but not 64. He was on keyboards with Johnny Grade and the Graduates and Dave would have been with the Raiders about the same time. … Tom Miller … TRY TERRY GREENSLADE/ OR ROGERGAPE.////// … Mags Williams … ED thinks it’s Terry Greenslade xx … hope that may help plus I have noted down that the Heartbeats were … Geoff Edmunds, Tommy Edwards, Johnny Stark, Denny Driscoll … however I know that Phil Suarez also played drums in later years at the time Terry Greenslade was playing with them. Terry was in the prison service in Bristol and sadly passed away many years ago, as did Phil Suarez. Do you have any other clues perhaps a description of this guy? Geoff Edmunds is on facebook and lives in Canada maybe he can remember! All best Phil Morgan

  127. howard Webber says:

    Nice to hear from Phil and Howard Will. You are correct with the gear set-up Phil, it was fairly basic and bloody heavy ! I’ve introduced Dai Williams and Roger Mullins to this site, so look-out for their messages. Rog lives in Ely now and he has a studio. He found the Chevs old acetate made at Sharlands and burnt some CDs from it. Dai lives in Spain and I descend on him from time to time.

  128. Ruth Curtis says:

    Hi Phil Morgan. Wow! You are amazing – thank you so much. Also big thanks to Richard Brydon, Tom Miller, Mags Williams and Ed.

    As soon as I read your reply, I knew that the name I was trying to remember was Terry Greenslade. It was definitely 1964, and the period I was a regular at the Whisky was from summer through to about December that year. I think it was a Wednesday night that the Heartbeats played there – from memory there were only records on Saturday nights. I also remember going to some ballroom in Newport to see them, which was horrible as there were major fights breaking out throughout the night – my girlfriend and I were quite scared and never went there again.

    How sad to hear that Terry has died – if it was some time ago, he couldn’t have been that old. Does anyone have any photos from that time that would include Terry? Photos were such a rarity in those days, unlike now!

    I did find a photo of the Heartbeats in 1963, but that was before Terry joined them. I recognised Denny straight away. What ever happened to Denny? The only mention I’ve found of him is in relation to Dave Edmunds. Here is the link to the photo, with memories from Geoff Edmunds.

    Thank you once again.

  129. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi Ruth … Terry was a wonderful guy and lived life to the full. He worked with me in the Eastmoors Steelworks Cardiff. We were both engineering apprentices together and about 1964 were working shifts together in the machine shop. I often had to cover for him and clock him into work because he had been out playing the nite before. He was bass player for the Ronnie Keene orchestra at this time, perhaps 2 days a week as well as his other bands. I would help him keep on top of his work by doing his pieces in my lathe. We all wore green overalls as apprentices which Terry would joke about, saying we all looked like Greenfly ! Terry and the Greenflies! I lost touch when he moved to Bristol. He did appear for a reunion of the Heartbeats held at the Lions Den below the Great Western Hotel Cardiff during the 80’s. He was on stage that evening with Denny and Phil Suarez with John Jenkins on piano. I have that on a photo but unable to post here. Maybe someone will spot this conversation and come up with some more details about Terry. Perhaps it was the Majestic Ballroom on Stow Hill Newport. My memory tells me that Terry was in the Tequilas,silver jackets, at the time of the Whisky. I often went there to watch them and the Afro Cuban Combo above on the top floor. Spread the word and someone might have some more info … All best Phil

  130. Andy Thompson says:

    Impressive detective work Phil, remembering Ruth’s old companion. On a related note the photo she posted has Tom Edwards on bass. Anyone know if this is the same Tom, often to be seen accompanying Phil and Tich on uptight bass in the Royal Oak in the 1980s?

  131. Andy Thompson says:

    Mixing up my “Rs” and “Ts”….upright bass not uptight!

  132. Phil Morgan says:

    Yes Andy it is the same Tom, but yet again Tom Edwards has also left this planet some years back. He played with Frank Hennessy and was a fine stand up bass player. Interesting I guess that the same names keep coming up in various local Cardiff bands.

  133. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi Ian Todd … spoke to your dad last Saturday night at Dave Cole’s 70th birthday party. He wanted to give me his email address, so that I can send it to Mally Jones, GEC bass player who lives in Catalina island in California. He had to leave early because he was driving and we forgot to exchange emails. Mine is perhaps you can forward mine to your dad. Bye now Phil

  134. Brian Chamberlain says:

    Hi Phil

    I bought your Framus bass of you in the mid sixties. I was in Mood Indigo, a soul / motown band that played all over south Wales. Tony Cheverton,s brother Ian was our singer, Angela (then Stockwell) now my wife also sang, with Paul Pottinger on Lead guitar, Mike walker on organ and Ray Simon on drums. Sadly Ian and Ray have passed away. We played in Bakers Row, Paget Rooms, Whisky a go go, Harbour Club, Pelican Club. Backed Amen Corner at the Top Rank, Cat Stevens as Cardiff Drill Hall and may other gigs. I have many photos, membership cards, tickets etc from this period.


    Brian Chamberlain

  135. Phil Morgan says:

    Hi Brian, come over on facebook and we can share them with the Cardiff old rockers, look for me as Phil Morgan in Cardiff. There is a reunion once a month at the Master Gunner, with a live band, usually old rockers too. Phil the bass !

  136. Phil Morgan says:

    I have got things wrong and Tom Edwards is alive and kicking and he is on facebook and very busy on there recently, bad info I’m sorry !

  137. Phil Morgan says:

    Don’t know what has happened to which was the web site for Micky Gee and edited by his youngest brother Tom Gee … anyone with information please let us all know ?

  138. Susan Beard says:

    Rockers Reunion now at Earl Haig,Whitchurch,Cardiff. Great to get all this info on this site.
    Also search: ‘Tales from the Back of a Van’ for vintage photos.

  139. john tarr says:

    the earl haig club is a mecca for those who love their live music, I only discovered it about a year ago at the rockers reunion. at the old venue (master gunners) the surviving members of jack tar and the road gang met up after 50 years (sid)alan james frank hillier and myself. very emotional . keep on rockin .john

  140. Andy Thompson says:

    Micky’s site working for me Phil.

  141. Andy Thompson says:

    Just checked again and Micky’s site up and running.

  142. Philip Morgan says:

    Thanks Andy … it must have been down for maintenance or something. Tom Gee is a wizard with computer programming … Phil

  143. Philip Morgan says:

    Susan and John, you both forgot to mention about the Earl Haig rocker reunion nites in Whitchurch Cardiff on the second Tuesday of each month is that GARY EDWARDS attends most times and gets up to sing a couple of songs !!!

  144. Andy Thompson says:

    Phil, would you be the fine bassman who once prowled the stage with Brother John and the Witnesses?

  145. Philip Morgan says:

    Well how did you know that … that was me an original member and briefly near to my leaving had Dennis Bryon on drums and Derek blue Weaver on keyboard. Sandra insisted that I leave and get married !

  146. Andy Thompson says:

    Haha, long memory Phil.I was friendly with Mel Alsopp who was also their bass player and emigrated to Canada. Am I correct in thinking that he replaced you?

  147. Philip Morgan says:

    Yes he replaced me and Sandra was happy that we could see more of each other. We were saving for a flat so we could work extra hours then and I started shift work. The object was to get Sandra out of the Salvation Army hostel where she was living after she moved down to Cardiff. Did you know that I met up with Jeff Harrad recently in May at a funeral for Chris Rees of Snatch it Back. But Jeff wouldn’t come back to the wake. Then the very next day at another funeral for Clive Taylors Mum, Dennis Bryon showed up, flying in from Franklin near Nashville. He was the Witnesses drummer and was in Cardiff to see his sister Carole. Clive and Dennis were in Amen Corner together as well as the Witnesses. Later Dennis flew on to Italy to meet Blue Weaver as they both were on tour with the Italian Bee Gees. You must have known Jeff and I am terrible with names so I must have known yourself ! We are all on facebook now, including Mally Jones the Gary Edwards Combo bass player who we should be talking about on here !!!

  148. Andy Thompson says:

    Just found out that my old St Joseph’s primary school classmate Bernie Poyser of the Sons of Adam has died. I used to be a regular at the Sophia Gardens Saturday night dances, always a great night when the Sons were playing.

  149. Paul Pesticcio says:

    Hi, To all of you who have followed these listings, I have heard that Phil Morgan,
    Phil the Bass as we knew him has passed away over the Christmas period, the funeral is on saturday the 14/1/2017 , 11.00 at the Crem, Thornhill ,Cardiff, and after at the Earl Haig Club Whitchurch, Phil will be sadly missed by his family and friends, he was a great Rock & Roller, he knew so much about music, he started this 9 years ago and took the time to keep it going,
    I have read it through again tonight, its good reading and lots of good memories,
    God Bless you Phil, you will be sadly missed, Paul Pesticcio,

  150. Andy Thompson says:

    What a loss: Phil kept this site going with his memories and there wasn’t much he couldn’t recall or answer.The peace is yours Phil, the memories are ours.

  151. Andy Thompson says:

    What a loss: Phil kept this site going with his memories and there wasn’t much he couldn’t recall or answer. The peace is yours Phil, the memories are ours.

  152. Susan Beard says:

    Sent from my iPad : A polite notice of NEW INFORMATION. PHIL MORGAN : Funeral 7th. Saturday. Thornhill Crem .Cardiff.

    ( Not 14th which is the wrong date. )


  153. Mike Rigby says:

    So sad to hear of Phil’s passing. RIP young man

  154. Helen Kenrick says:

    Many thanks for all your kind words about our Dad, Phil the Bass. I recently found this site in trying to find out more about Dad’s musical journey, it has been an interesting read and good to capture such memories.

    We are hoping to give Dad a good send off at 11am Sat 7th Jan at Thornhill Crematorium, followed by the Earl Haig club and to include a musical tribute. Followers and contributors to these listings are more than welcome to join us in celebrating Phil’s life.

  155. Gareth Westacott says:

    Gary ‘Duffy’ Cooper is still going strong. I saw him in “The Romilly” pub in Canton, Cardiff earlier tonight (there’s an open session there every Tuesday evening). He picked up somebody’s guitar and sang “All of Me”. Very good he was too!

  156. Susan Beard says:

    Gary Edwards ( Mount Rushmore of S.Wales Rock and Rollers) celebrated his 80 Birthday Jan 2018 and still attends Cardiff Rockers Reunion Meetings at Earl Haig Club. Whitchurch.Cardiff.
    We have great love and respect for him and can recommend all ‘Solid Six ‘records

  157. Andy Thompson says:

    Re the Earl Haig Club, when I picked up tonight’s Echo I saw that Albert Lee is playing there tonight. I phoned straight away, only to be told it’s sold out. Gutted!

  158. Susan Beard says:

    Andy, you missed a brilliant night. Albert Lee was on great form, smashing set which was totally appreciated by a packed house of music lovers.

  159. Tony Buckley says:

    Hi came across this site while searching Gary Edwards Combo.I remember them mainly in The Kennards as the Solid six,the lineup as iremember was,Gary Cooper(Duffy Powers Rhythm guitar),Dave Miller lead guitar,Mal Jones Bass guitar(was piano),Mal Todd Drums,Ray (Tichy)Todd my prefered singer and Vince Helkevist lead singer..Also Geoff Edmunds,Daves brother played the organ 1956.Main Dance venues Cariff were,Kennards,Star,Pav,St Saviors
    ,Mish,Trelai yc,Sophia gdns,Vic,St Illtyds Jazz,New Moon,Discs agogo,Top Rank,Ocean club for about 6weeks,Skating rink (Sat nights not for long).Monty’s,Titos,,Ginos,Showbiz,Casa blanca,Haven,Stork,Dowlais,Casino,St Marys(Canton)Ringside and of course the City Hall.
    These are places I personally went to .TB

  160. Susan Beard says:

    Great recall Tony. Most of these venues are sadly no more,but Cardiff Rockers including Gary himself meet up at The Earl Haig Club..Whitchurch..second Tuesday of the each month.

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