BEL AMI, Gece Berlin`de, 1980

bel-ami-coverbel-ami-backbel-ami-label1To offer some consolation to the Turkish team that lost in last nights game against Germany in the European football championship and to the Turkish people living in Berlin, here`s a German band singing in Turkish. Bel Ami had a hit with “Berlin bei Nacht” ( Berlin at night ) and re-recorded the song in Turkish as a sign of friendship towards the Turkish people living in Berlin.

There were probably other groups who did the same thing, but the song “Gece Berlin`de” is interesting lyrically because it describes the Berlin of the 70s and 80s in quite drastic if also stereotypical ways. “Worn-out gangstersouls hide in drug-dens, these are the hawks of the night (…) There is always something going on, here in the heart of the city. Heroin and cocaine, stolen watches and gold. If you need male prostitutes, young boys without bellies. You`ll get everything here. Berlin at night”.

BEL AMI, Gece Berlin`de, 1980

2 Comments on “BEL AMI, Gece Berlin`de, 1980”

  1. Schrottvogel says:

    Oh schade, ich dachte schon, das wär jetzt die PVC-“Berlin by Night” auf türkisch…

  2. Bardzo ciekawy blog

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