PRO ARTE, Liza, 1970

Finding the Dubrovacki Trubaduri record has kind of inspired me to post three more of that style and period. I don`t really know how to call the style, a mix of pop, beat, soul, big band and a slight East-European touch.

Pro Arte, founded in 1967 by Dorde Novcovic, was a popular band in Yugoslavia. Novcovic became a successful songwriter in Yugoslavia and later Croatia. Pro Arte released many records and performed until 1980.

“Liza” is a fast pop/beat/soul number, with a touch of Tom Jones. I often see these kind of records advertised as “mod dancer” on eBay. I don`t know. Would a mod-DJ play this? I doubt it, but I`d be happy to be wrong…

PRO ARTE, Liza, 1970


2 Comments on “PRO ARTE, Liza, 1970”

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  2. i bought your album, and never got it. i remeber my teta singing nemo draga plakati her name is slavica vincetic

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