JOY UNLIMITED, Go easy, Go Bahn, 1973

One more by krautrockers “Joy Unlimited”. This  record was given to me by “Auge” from the Berlin Comics-Library “Renate” who grew up in the Eastern part of Berlin. When he gave it to me  he said:” You know, there was East-German Rock in the West too!”

As I`ve written elsewhere music with a “purpose” tends to compromise the “artistic” side of it. Much like  the East-German rock music that needed to have a “message” that pleased the communist powers, advertisement records in capitalist West-Germany needed to sell their “message”. In this case “Joy Unlimited” obviously had no problem rockin` out for the Deutsche Bahn, the state-owned German railroad.

With funny results listening to it today…

JOY UNLIMITED, Go easy, Go Bahn, 1973

JOY UNLIMITED, Komm mit in die Welt, 1973


3 Comments on “JOY UNLIMITED, Go easy, Go Bahn, 1973”

  1. […] is a pretty lame Reggae-Pop song,  not nearly as entertaining as the advertisement record that  Joy Unlimited did for the Deutsche Bahn.They needed the money and this was a job that hopefully paid […]

  2. Daniel says:

    Danke! Die hab ich als Kind gehabt! Hammer!

  3. harkpabst_meliantrop says:

    Ich hab sie auch als Kind gehabt. Und ich weiß leider nicht, wann und wo (geschweige denn warum) ich sie verloren hab. :-(

    Aber alleine das Back Cover erklärt meinen Geschmack in Bezug auf Frauen zu 75 Prozent.

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