JIMMY JIMSON, Lavender Coffin

I didn`t know how to record this any other way because I can`t plug my old record player that plays 78 rpm records into my computer. A slight departure from my usual 45s-only policy but it`s still a single! I bought this in the little thrift-store in my street for 2 euros. “Lavender Coffin” is the swing classic written in 1949 by Shirley Albert and made famous by Lionel Hampton. Here it`s sung by a Jimmy Jimson and backed by Werner Deinert and his band. At least that`s what it says on the label. It was released on the local Berlin label Metrophon, probably in the early 50s. I`m not a swing expert so I don`t know much more except that this ROCKS! Even more than the original Hampton version!

The B-side is a instrumental called “Mohrchen`s Boogie” written by Werner Deinert himself, that I didn`t record because it was a lot of work recording only one song this way.

I did however convert the audio track of the video of Lavender Coffin into this mp3…

JIMMY JIMSON, Lavender Coffin

And these are my “new” tracks:

JIMMY JIMSON, Lavender Coffin, 1949


4 Comments on “JIMMY JIMSON, Lavender Coffin”

  1. anna says:

    fuck, that does sound good! just imagine what it must have looked like as they were recording this..

  2. Jordan says:

    This song is excellent. I do a lot of swing and lindy dancing and the beat is perfect, and not just for a few points of the song. The entire song is golden. I’ve been looking for a copy of the song for some time now. Thanks for blogging!

  3. The Metrophon record 7100 is quite rare due to the backside “Mohrchens Boogie”.

    After the first edition of a small series, “Mohrchens Boogie” has been withdrawn, “Lavender Coffin” was backed with “Castle Rock”. The record was made in Berlin (West) during spring 1953.

    If ever you need help for digitalizing a 78 track, don’t be afraid of asking.

    Stephan (Jitterbug.Berlin)

    (source: Horst H Lange, “Die 78er Discographie…” 3. Auflage, Panther Verlag Berlin 1992

  4. Jammin! Thanks for Digitizing this classic.

    Would love to get a copy of this to play during my dance parties here in the States. Is this downloadable? What can you offer/suggest?

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