MAVI ISIKLAR, Kanamam, 1965

A while ago I promised to post some more Turkish rock`n`roll. This record I bought last summer in Istanbul. I had been looking for records at previous times in Istanbul but found very little. Both songs are on a Dutch bootleg Cd that came out a while back. Great Turkish beat music that actually sounds very Turkish. Unlike, for example a lot of German beat stuff that simply imitated the British bands, this has a distinctly oriental touch, but still ROCKS!

MAVI ISIKLAR, Kanamam, 1965

MAVI ISIKLAR, Helvaci, 1965

2 Comments on “MAVI ISIKLAR, Kanamam, 1965”

  1. gadget says:

    File deleted plz reup!!!! PLZ PLZ

  2. burak says:

    the song is actually a cover . the original of this song was composed by a turkish composer who was born in 1896. his name is hasan hasgüler aka dramalı hasan.

    one of his best songs is kalbime gir bahar ol which means enter my heart, be my spring. make a search on youtube you will find many nice song, as well as these ones. greetings from istanbul

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