ERKIN KORAY, Sana Bir Seyler Olmus, 1969

As I`ve written last week I have been to Istanbul 4 times in the last 3 years and have always been searching for records. I didn`t know a lot about Turkish rock or pop music so a lot of names were unfamiliar and it was hard to pick the right ones. Only the last time I found some good stuff.

Sometime last year I remembered that I had a whole box full of Turkish 45s in my basement. When my girlfriend and I moved into our apartment ten years ago, we needed some furniture and bought two very cheap 50s cocktail-armchairs in a nearby thrift-store. On the way out I spotted this box of records and asked how much they were.  The owner said: “Just take them for free”. They were dusty and without sleeves but I took them all. When I got home I gave them a quick listen and was disappointed that they appeared to be just boring traditional folk music. So they went to the basement.

Last year I remembered this box and with my new knowledge about Turkish music I saw them through, cleaned them and gave them all a spin again. That`s when I discovered  this great Erkin Koray 45 that I`ve had all these years and didn`t know about it!

Anybody who knows anything about Turkish rock music knows that Erkin Koray is the king of Turkish rock`n`roll. So this record is not a rarity or obscure, but a Turkish hit record. “Sana Bir Seyler Olmus” is a great cover version of “The land of a 1000 dances”, written and first recorded by Chris Kenner in 1962.

The record has a sticker from a shop in Izmir and two stamps from, I guess,  the former owner, who lived just a block away from me. I went there just the other day to see if he was still living there but  he must`ve moved. It`s still nice to think that some 39 years ago some Turkish people from my neighborhood rocked out to this stuff…

ERKIN KORAY, Sana Bir Seyler Olmus, 1969

ERKIN KORAY, Seni Her Gördügümde, 1969


4 Comments on “ERKIN KORAY, Sana Bir Seyler Olmus, 1969”

  1. Schrottvogel says:

    Whoah man — Turkish Rock’n’Roll? That sounds great, thanks! I have just discovered you thanks to Brotbeutel blog, and I this looks interesting!

    I love rock’n’roll and punk, and living in Neukölln, the Turkish culture intrigues me. Didn’t know they actually HAD rock’n’roll! By the way, you don’t have any Turkish punk?! But keep ’em rock’n’roll records coming, dude!

    Great posters, too, lovely.

  2. mischalke04 says:

    Dear Schrottvogel,

    actually I do have a whole box full of Turkish punk Cd`s but wouldn`t post them here because of my concept of 45s-only. Also they are mostly from bands still playing so for a start you can find their music if you check Myspace and put Istanbul and punk into the search bar.

    Turkey has a lot of great punk and underground bands and a lot of people I met there felt much closer to me culturally, than most of the Turkish people I meet here in Berlin.

    Best wishes

    P:S: Andererseits sprechen die Berliner Türken deutsch. Die Sprache lässt eine viel grössere Nähe zu, als alles andere. Wir teilen diese Stadt miteinander. Die Mehrheit der Türken in Berlin ist hier aufgewachsen und so sehr sie auch immer noch als Ausländer gesehen werden und sich selbst beharrlich so definieren, sind sie für mich doch Deutsche. Viele haben einen deutschen Pass und in 20 bis 50 Jahren wird es sicher anders aussehen. Wenn die zunehmende Islamisierung und die Europäische Abschottung nicht zunehmen.

    Trotzdem bin ich optimistisch. Die Türkei ist geographisch viel zu nah um einen regen Austausch langfristig zu verhindern. Wenn wir hier erstmal genauso regelmäßig Besuch von türkischen Künstlern und modernen aufgeklärten Türken haben, wie zum Beispiel von Spaniern und Griechen, wird sich das Bild der Türkei und der Türken auch verändern.

  3. […] exception for the great RAWS from Istanbul. When I arrived they were already into their third song: Erkin Koray`s “Sana Bir Seyler Olmus”. […]

  4. metin says:

    Guys.. i think its very interesting for me to see that people who are not even understand the lyrics, like anatolia rock.. that´s beautiful.
    but erkin koray is just the top of the iceberg.. here some of the names of the true great ones of turkish rock & funk. baris manco, cem karaca, erkin koray, alpay, mustafa özkent, fikret kizilok, selda, mogollar, ersen daslar, üc hürel, hardal, grup bunalim, mavi isiklar, silüetler… just to name a few… if you got questions… just send me a mail…

    peace – metin candan

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