THE POPPY FAMILY, Endless Sleep, 1970

This is a post answering Devil Dick`s post about  The Poppy Family.

I bought it on my trip to Croatia last month and didn`t know anything about the group.  I took it because I recognized Endless Sleep as the Jody Reynolds-penned tragic teen classic.

This is a great version of that song by the American group The Poppy Family on the Decca and the Yugoton label. Yugoslavia , probably because it was a member of the Non-Aligned Movement, had a little more freedom taking capitalist shortcuts. But then I´ve seen these double logos on Hungarian records too and Hungary was part of the Warsaw Pact states. Maybe it doesn`t have anything to do with either of these facts but a capitalist logo on a communist record is pretty strange. Maybe somebody can bring some light into this matter?.

THE POPPY FAMILY, Endless Sleep, 1970

THE POPPY FAMILY, Which way you goin`Billy?, 1970


7 Comments on “THE POPPY FAMILY, Endless Sleep, 1970”

  1. devil dick says:

    Most excellent! That is pretty wild.

    Are there lots of odd versions of American 45’s to be found over seas?

    I think i will post the Jody Reynolds and Poppy Family 45’s together soon over @ the devil’s music!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. mischalke04 says:

    Thank you.

    It`s nice to be appreciated finally after being ridiculed for years by fellow collectors for hording this “garbage”. Most of the Northern Soul, Garage Punk, Rockabilly and Punk collectors mafia just don`t get it.

    There are a lot of odd versions of American 45`s to found in Eastern and Western Europe.

    In Croatia I bought a Yugoslav pressing of WAR`s “Lowrider” with only the United Artists logo on the label.

    There are a lot of TOM JONES records with the Decca and the Yugoton or the Decca and the Hungarian Qualiton logos on the same label.

    Yugoslavia also pressed a lot of ELVIS records with RCA logos.
    And that`s only the strange variety of two logos on one label. Eastern Europe pressed a lot of foreign stuff and that field is very wide. Compared to the local artists though, the foreign artists records are hard to come by in good condition, because people played them all the time because it was impossible or very expensive back then to get foreign pressings. I`ve got a couple of hundred 45`s from Eastern Europe but I`m still not an expert on that matter and mostly I buy stuff that I don`t know yet.

    Among them are two SPENCER DAVIS GROUP 45`s from 1968 on the Hungarian Qualiton label, a nice JACK HAMMER 45 on Yugoton and a EP by the Dutch beat bant THE KLAN on the Czechoslovak Supraphon label. (I think I should post that sometime.)

    The strangest record was probably a Russian BLACK SABBATH LP with only the band´s name on black background, that a friend of mine bought while we were on a trip to Prague.

    Another strange variety are polish postcard records. Poland pressed almost anything on these postcard records from JOHNNY CASH to the CLASH. Most of them have really nice but totally unassuming cover illustrations and I pick them up whenever I find them.

    I find stuff all the time and I`m still surprised with what I come home.
    Thanks for caring!


  3. devil dick says:

    man, i’d like to get some more foreign digs on!

    i got a weird russian sabbath lp i bought while in holland last year… i wonder if it is the same lp? but mine has brown and black….

    also got some cuby & the blizzard but i need more!!!

  4. mischalke04 says:

    I think that`s the same Sabbath one. I`ve only seen it once.

    I don`t have Cuby and the Blizzards but some other german beat stuff that you might like. I´ll post some in the future.

    I also have a box of doubles of German beat 45`s. If you like maybe we can swap. If your`re interested write me an e-mail.


  5. Neil says:

    I still have the original English single. Which Way You Goin’ Billy was the A side, with Endless Sleep the B side. The single reached number 7 in AUgust 1970.

  6. Gary Morris says:

    Endless Sleep has been covered a bazillion times by artists & groups in every imaginable genre. But this Poppy Family version, which I stumbled on a few years, just nails it for me. Every bit as hypnotic as Jody Reynolds’ original but with its own little pleasures throughout – like that plaintive wah-wah riff. I was never a huge Poppy Family fan but this time they rule. Thanks for posting.

  7. Craig says:

    The Poppy Family were a Canadian band (Terry & Susan Jacks).

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