A couple of days ago I noticed that my music files could no longer be downloaded or listened to. Apparently I have used 100% of my monthly sharing bandwidth. I don`t even know what exactly that means. Maybe it`s because of you my dear readers!

Last month more than 8000 people visited this blog and now wants a little money for their services. I`m very surprised but also very happy that my activity seems to be so well received but when I started I did not intend to pay for my little hobby. I have moved a couple of dozen mp3`s to div.share but I don`t know how to move 300 mp3`s.

I guess it will all get normal this month, because I don`t think that many people will find their way here every month. If not I`ll have to think of something else.

Best wishes



One Comment on “Trouble!”

  1. homopez says:

    I discovered your blog recently from I have since recommended your blog to my friends. Maybe I owe you some money. Thanks for the posts!

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