LOS 5 DEL ESTE, Agujetas color de rosa, 1965

As I write this I`m still in Mallorca where I`ve spent the last 10 days together with the staff of JUNGLE WORLD the weekly newspaper that I work for. A good opportunity to post some Palma Rock`n`Roll here. I bought all three of these Ep`s some years ago at different places in Berlin. Two of them and a spare one  I have, carry a stamp of a local record shop, so I assume the band is indeed from Mallorca.

But then  maybe the band was a tourists favorite and that`s why they seem to turn up in Berlin so often. So far my stay here on the island has not led to new information about them.

On this Ep “Los 5 del Este” finally got rid of their “Este” and played some nice beat music,  including two cover-versions. They`re not LOS SIREX but listen and check for yourself…

Palma Rock`n`Roll Action! Me in front of local punk band MOSTROS practice space. More next week…

LOS 5 DEL ESTE, Agujetas color de rosa, 1965

LOS 5 DEL ESTE, Sabes cuanto te quiero, 1965

LOS 5 DEL ESTE, Cuando, Cuando y Quando, 1965

LOS 5 DEL ESTE, Mare non cantare, 1965


12 Comments on “LOS 5 DEL ESTE, Agujetas color de rosa, 1965”

  1. martinf says:

    seems like the link to LOS 5 DEL ESTE, Cuando, Cuando y Quando, 1965 points to the wrong file…

  2. mischalke04 says:

    Scheisse, stimmt! Hab die letzten posts auf Malle zusammengezimmert und da wars immer sehr hektisch…

    Hab`s jetzt ausgetauscht. Danke Martin.


  3. Jaume says:

    You’re right, they were from Manacor, a Majorcan’s village, and they recorded a lot of SGs and EPs and also one or two LPs, normally saled as a touristic souvenir. That’s because they used to play at hotels and touristic clubs at the island, specially at Cala Millor. They have two very searched EPs, where they make funny covers of The Beatles (Yellow submarine, Submarino Amarillo in spanish) and The Rolling Stones. They where very popular in Majorca at the sixties.

    Sorry for my english… and greetings from Majorca.

  4. AndyM says:

    As a kid during two family holidays (summer 1970 and 71, I think) I stayed at the Castel de Mar, Cala Millor. The Los 5 Del Este played quite a few times during our stays.

    We thought they were great – still have one of their singles. Even after almost 40 years, and half a lifetime obsessed with music, I still fondly remember seeing them playing live.

    I seem to remember there was a large cardboard advert for them set up at the entrance of the bar area they played in, showing them in full mid-sixties outfits. Maybe photographed in London, but I might be mistaken on that …

    Hi from Edinburgh

  5. mischalke04 says:

    Dear Andy,

    thanks a lot for sharing your memories. As I`ve written, I couldn`t find anything about Los 5 Del Este when I stayed in Majorca the last time. Slowly the puzzle is coming together.

    At least I met some people from the current Majorcan music scene and that made more than up for it.

    Best wishes

  6. derek coster says:

    I spent 2 weeks at the Hotel Atolon in Cala Millor, Majorca in the summer of 1970 with my parents. My mum bought some sort of jewellry in a local shop and received a copy of a Los 5 Del Este single with it. The A side was Si, Si, Si and the B side was Modular Lunar, which I guess dates the record around that period..

    I think it was 2 years before we even had a record player but I do remember quite liking it when I finally got to hear it..

  7. richard wright says:

    I also have the single Si,Si,Si with Modular Lunar on the B side,also I have other singles,A Tiene Un Cita is one that comes to mind.In the sixtys and seventys I stayed at the Castell de Mar with my parents.Los 5 Del Este used to play at other hotels in Cala Millor and we would follow them wherever they were playing.The Playa Del Moro and the Bahia Del Este are a couple of the hotels that I can remember(not bad for fortyish years on).i know that my parents still have and still listen to two of their albums which they bought.

  8. david preece says:

    I too had many holidays at the Castel de mar in the seventys first being 1971 when I had my tenth birthday in the hotel . I have fond memories of the Los 5 Del Este . I remember my Dear old dad dancing his socks off in the Castel to Si Si Si and Pepita and Juanita . I recently went to Cala Bona and walked up to the Castel which is unrecognisable .
    A waiter gave me some old photo post cards of the Los 5 Del Este . I will email them if anyone wants them . Great Memories .

  9. Don and Joan says:

    Joan and Don May spent 4 holidays in Cala Millor in the 70s and were great fans of Los 5 Del Este and have a sighned sigle of Pepita y juanita sung by the six members of the band.They were the days!

  10. richard neve says:

    I saw the five somewhere in spain could have been in the caller millor area as I stayed there in the early 70,s they also played the london palladium once and the last time I saw them was in ellat israel

  11. Elaine warnock says:

    My friends and I went to Cala Millor for five summer holidays late 60’s early 70’s. I had previously been with my mum and dad mid 60’s . We were massive fans of Los five del este and went to whatever hotel they were playing in that night. Bahia del este, Castell de mar. . I have quite a few of their records. I remember some of their names, Pepe, Raffael, Tomas. They were great singers and very friendly. They used to practice in the hotel bars at lunch time too and we would watch them then also. I came across some of their songs on you tube recently and it was great just hearing them and transporting me back all these years. Is the group still going and are the original members still there?

  12. mischalke04 says:

    Dear Elaine,

    thanks for sharing your story. I´m sorry, but I don´t have any further information about Los 5 Del Este.

    Best wishes from Berlin

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