LOS CINCOS AMIGOS, Tani-Twist, 1962

LOS CINCOS AMIGOS try their hand at a TWIST song, a Flamenco Twist. It`s trying that counts and sometimes the results are much more surprising than the stuff proper Rockers turn out. In this case a  interesting mixture of Spanish Flamenco music, Arabic music and Rock`n`Roll. In the middle of the song a voice even says in English:” Salamaleikum! Do you know the Arrrabian Twiist? It`s verrry easy!”

Some more TWIST cartoons from a DUO DINAMICO magazine from 1962. Drawn by a guy that called himself INKI-TIKI. Now that`s a great name for a cartoonist! If only I would`ve come up with that…

” He danced the Twist so wildly that he tied himself in a knot!”

” I recommend you to cheer up a bit. Go somewhere where they play modern music on sundays!

” Doctor, I can`t.  On sundays I`m drumming for the band LOCOS DEL TWIST.”

LOS CINCOS AMIGOS, Tani-Twist, 1962

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