LOS SIREX, El tren de la costa, 1965

Some years ago I was lucky to find four early Ep`s of one of the best Spanish beat bands LOS SIREX in a Berlin second hand record store. All of them in very good condition and for very little money. I remember that, when I was spinning them when I Dj`d, a well known Berlin Beat collector asked me sarcastically ( and enviously) if I was a “Mint-collector”?

Most of the records in my collection are in “good” condition, and that`s how I like them. If they are good records, I play them often and they will not stay “Mint”. Especially not if I use them to Dj. I know a lot of people who collect records but I have yet to meet someone who buys these expensive records on Ebay. They probably never play these records and only use them for speculation purposes. Much like those stock-brokers that messed up the world lately…

“En tren de la costa” is a cover version of “The train kept a `rollin” by the JOHNNY BURNETTE ROCK`N`ROLL TRIO. One of the best versions and one of the most rockin`Spanish beat songs hands down!

LOS SIREX, El tren de la costa, 1965

LOS SIREX, Cantemos, 1965

LOS SIREX, La escoba, 1965

LOS SIREX, Que haces aquí, 1965

One Comment on “LOS SIREX, El tren de la costa, 1965”

  1. Toni says:

    Cool Andreas,

    ich habe schon mal den Namen gehört und wusste, dass Los Sirex sehr in damals waren, aber ich wusste nicht, dass sie so geile Muke machten. Danke und weiter so.

    Toni (Doris, Mallorca und so)

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