THE PULSATERS, Cos We´re Squatters, 1980

Berlin and especially Kreuzberg, the area where I live,  has a long history of rock`n`roll and punk rock, so I even find punk records in thrift-stores sometimes. Like this 45, a happy punk/dub ode to squatting by the Pulsaters.

In times of a world-wide financial crisis, this is a great reminder of the fact that nobody rightfully owns houses and how great it is, that some people still just take what is theirs. See also my other record about squatting in Berlin from last November.

One of the house-projects, that is currently facing eviction in Berlin, is LIEBIG 14.

Liebig forever!

THE PULSATERS, Cos We´re Squatters, 1980

THE PULSATERS, Modern Man, 1980

4 Comments on “THE PULSATERS, Cos We´re Squatters, 1980”

  1. taxi driver says:


  2. craig says:

    i use to get bookings etc for The Pulsaters, the rest of their material was vastly superior to this and the a side modern man . but they got tied up to a crap contract for five years. squatters was written by their manager vance freeman.
    Go away , alaistair crewe, you make me feel so small.Broken Phases etc should have been big hits. but never saw the light of day as vinyl.
    I do a radio show on
    if you ever tune in, or want to know any more about the pulsaters.
    send me a email

  3. John Martin says:

    I wrote the ‘a’ side to this single. What Craig says above is pretty much it. Same old rock n roll story. Still, good times had by all, great memories and a great time to make music.
    Check these links out …..still doing it!

  4. rocker says:

    i remember the pulsaters playing at dover town hall & the leas cliff hall in folkestone, round about 1979/1980.

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