auktion-destruktion-25-10-2008-005On Friday, November 21  Frank and I are going to DJ at the KOLLAGE , Yorckstrasse 22 in  Kreuzberg.

ACTUALLY it`s much better than that: for the 3rd time this year we are going to play records, auction them off or if nobody wants to bid on them destroy them right away.

We had a lot of fun the last times we did this.  It is kind of liberating to break a record you really hate but also heartbreaking to see one go that might not have deserved it. Some people bid on the worst 80`s records while a lot of awful and some nice ones were destroyed.

So if you are in Berlin come on down to Kreuzberg  to the KOLLAGE, a nice artist/student-type bar. Drinks are cheap and bids start at 10 cents.  We play, sell or destroy some really horrible but also some really cool stuff.


4 Comments on “AUKTION / DESTRUKTION!”

  1. devil dick says:

    you guys are insane!

  2. […] AUKTION/DESTRUKTION! Don`t forget our record auction-destruction-happening tomorrow night! Search and destroy! […]

  3. […] auf eine der Vinylsingles gesetzt, kann gesteigert werden, schon mit 10 Cent ist man bei der “Auktion Destruktion” […]

  4. […] wüste Pressung kann man bei Auktion/Destruktion gut ins Publikum werfen (”Kein Gebot? Publikum Tod!“). Gibt Wunden. Am 30. […]

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