SLÀVA KUNST ORCHESTRA, Lucifer in Coelis, 1963

lucifer-in-coelis-frontlucifer-in-coelis-backlucifer-in-coelis-label“Lucifer in Coelis” was lifted from obscurity by the Surfbeat behind the Iron Curtain bootleg-compilation that Dionysus records put out in the 90`s and is now known as the East-European Twist/Instrumental-Novelty song.

That compilation put Eastern European Rock`n`Roll back on the map  just like the “Killed by Death”-compilations did with obscure Punk records. It`s funny that a bootleg is distributed by Barnes & Noble and Amazon but it`s sad  that it`s also the only thing that pops up, when searching for Slàva Kunst on the Internet.  That and a bootleg casette of a Polka album of his that somebody offers for 9 dollars…

The Slàva Kunst Orchestra backed many Czechoslovak artists in the 60`s and recorded a whole lot of records in all kinds of musical styles. Slàva Kunst was among the most well known Czechoslovak Orchestra leaders throughout Eastern-Europe.

It´s a mystery to me why his music has never been re-released. These records here are only a small portion of his output, concentrating on Slàva`s rockin`and twistin`sides…


SLÀVA KUNST ORCHESTRA, Lucifer in Coelis, 1963



3 Comments on “SLÀVA KUNST ORCHESTRA, Lucifer in Coelis, 1963”

  1. Lee Joseph says:

    Hi -I wanted to let you know that Dionysus Records did not release the “Surfbeat Behind The Iron Curtain” – it was another label! I like the CD though!

  2. Fed says:

    My dear sir,

    you are a true hero to nerds everywhere who love this obscure, mad, maniacal stuff. i have found so many weird and wonderful songs on your site that words cannot express how much in debt i am to you. and this on the night that the final east german record disappears from the olympic record books.

  3. mischalke04 says:

    Your´re welcome! More to come, where that came from. Luckily today there are a lot of athletes from the eastern part of germany in the german team. Sadly they don´t make headlines because they´re ragin´ lefties but, like in the recent case of rower Nadja Drygalla, think it´s okay to have a nazi boyfriend.

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