ORLANDO, Mustapha, 1962

orlando-frontorlando-back1orlando-labelThis made-for-export Ep has a short introduction to the artist in English on the jacket:

“Orlando is a twenty-year old Italian singer born in Cairo, Egypt. He moved to Paris where he swiftly made a name for himself as a successful interpreter of top-hits of the day. Orlando is a Bel-Air-Barclay recording artist.”

It doesn`t mention that Orlando,  born Bruno Gigliotti is the youngest brother of Yolanda Gigliotti, better known as Dalida.

Somehow the Slàva Kunst Orchestra got to back Orlando on “Mustapha”,  a 1960 hit in France for Bob Azzam, also for Barclay Records.

ORLANDO, Ya Mustapha, 1962

ORLANDO, Banjo Boy, 1962

ORLANDO, Itsy Bitsy, 1962

ORLANDO, Venti quattro mila baci, 1962

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