ANDY FISHER, Mr. Cannibal, 1966

mister-cannibalcomputer-nr9cannibal-label“Mr Cannibal” is sung in a  mix of German and English:

” Oh, it was only a few years ago, I was a Mau-Mau-Joe in Kenya. I had no troubles with the income-tax or with the other sex in Kenya. And then one day there came a MINISTER so very sinister from BONN. I was so charming to his ASSISTENT she took me to her tent and say: Oh, Mr. Cannibal, FRESS MICH NOCH EINMAL! (eat me one more time!).

And then they took me back to Germany to make a MENSCH of me so fine. They also told me how to eat and drink and use the bathroom sink, so fine. And then we went out to a TANZLOKAL and with a pretty gal I danced and then she let me take her to her home and when I want to go she said: Mr. Cannibal, FRESS MICH NOCH EINMAL!…

And then I went to university to make GENIE (genius)of me, so KLUG (smart). And learn a lot about BIOLOGIE (biology) and then ANATOMIE (anatomy), so KLUG. And then one day the time was up for me and I was so happy to know, tomorrow morning I go home by plane and never hear again these words: Mr. Cannibal…

And now again I am a Mau-Mau-Joe like many years ago in Kenya. And have no troubles with the income-tax and with the other sex in Kenya. And every evening when the moon comes out I have to think about my DEUTSCH. And then the only words that I still know poor little Mau-Mau-Joe are these: Mr. Cannibal…”


( some real Mau-Maus in 1957)

“Mister Cannibal” ,a cover of  “Monsieur Cannibale” by SACHA DISTEL, reached  no. 21 on the German charts in 1966. “Computer Nr.9” is in a similar off-beat rhythm with some nice 60`s “computer”-sounds…

ANDY FISHER, Mr. Cannibal, 1966

ANDY FISHER, Computer Nr.9, 1966


One Comment on “ANDY FISHER, Mr. Cannibal, 1966”

  1. Computer Nummer drei, Nummer neun und ein Kannibale …

    Der Computer Nummer Drei – der “den richigen Boy” findet, ist mir noch tief im Gedächtnis. aber dieses Lied von Andy Fisher noch viel mehr. Es wurde jeden Tag in der legendären Bodega-Bar gedudelt – und natürlich vor allem auch die “sozial inkorrekt…

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