JACK ARY, Rock a conga

zermatt-frontzermatt-backzermatt-labelA couple of years ago my girlfriend talked me into trying out snowboarding and I`ve been hooked ever since. Next week we`re going to the French Alps again together with a bus load of other Berliners. Being with 30 strangers in a house for a week is not my favorite set-up but there are always some nice people and  being on top of a mountain, the fresh air and then snowboarding is just awesome.

So here are a couple winter-sport related records. This French Ep has four tracks made for “Après-Ski”-listening in a small Swiss “Stübli”, munching “Fondue” and drinking wine.

Track three is  not the “Higgle-dy, Piggle-dy” cult-group The Monks but some other French ensemble covering Santo & Johnny`s  “Sleep walk”. Good saxophone-driven version though…

JACK ARY, Rock a conga

JEAN-CLAUDE Pelletier, La Cumparsita

THE MONKS, Sleep walk

CLAUDE LUTER, That`s a plenty


2 Comments on “JACK ARY, Rock a conga”

  1. […] irgendwie ist da auch für Berlin Beatet Bestes ein russisches Liedchen über Skifahren drauf. ДОМБАЙСКИЙ […]

  2. Tristan says:

    and the sleep walk goes on

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