NOONEY RICKETT 4 & JONI LYMAN, Do the Ski with me, 1965

winter-a-go-go-frontwinter-a-go-go-backwinter-a-go-go-label Of all places, I found this soundtrack to the film “Winter-A-Go-Go” nine years ago in Thailand. It has a green stamp with some Thai writing on the sleeve.

Sadly the record didn`t take too well to the Asian humidity, so the record and the jacket are not in good condition but the sound files should be listenable.go-go

The music is like surf music only the lyrics center around skiing instead of surfing.  The title track “Winter-A-Go-Go” is performed by the Hondells.

So let`s go-go in the snow-snow…

NOONEY RICKETT 4 & JONI LYMAN, Do the Ski with me, 1965

JONI LYMAN, King of the mountain, 1965

THE REFLECTIONS, I`m sweet on you, 1965

THE HONDELLS, Winter-a-go-go, 1965

THE NOONEY RICKETT 4, Ski City, 1965

JAMES STACY, Hip square dance, 1965


4 Comments on “NOONEY RICKETT 4 & JONI LYMAN, Do the Ski with me, 1965”

  1. Kliph says:

    Oh wow! I was wondering if there was a soundtrack release for the film – assuming that there was. It’s aired on TCM twice in the past few months.

  2. J.R. says:

    It aired again on TCM tonight, and for some reason, I was compelled to search for a soundtrack (I sometimes use arcane audio clips in my work); your blog was the only thing that came up.
    Unfortunately, your links don’t work (or I couldn’t make them work) and I’m guessing they’re expired. Would it be very difficult to post them again? Please don’t go to any effort, since I’m not sure I’d ever use them – but if they’re handy, I wouldn’t mind having them.

    Thanks –

  3. S Myers says:

    Hello! I was trying to convince my wife that this movie actually existed, and she just watched it on TCM and she now believes me. I was unable to get any your links to work, any chance of reloading them?

  4. M Foster says:

    I watched it and loved the theme song. Glad to knoe there was a soundtrack album to look for now.

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