I would like to thank everyone who visited this site  in the past year and especially the ones that cared enough to post a comment or wrote me a e-mail. It`s the only gratification I get for doing this and it means a lot to me.

For years most of my friends and colleagues had thought of me as really old-fashioned:  I didn`t have a cell-phone ( still don`t), didn`t write e-mails and didn`t know how to use a computer. Last November Mawil and Caro, two fellow cartoonists, told me how easy it was to do a blog so one afternoon I just gave it a try. Once I started to write this blog everything changed and now I`m addicted .

Contrary to most other bad habits I still enjoy this addiction and writing and presenting all this stuff . This blog is the only place that I have for doing something creative with my other more serious addiction that I`ve had since I was a kid: collecting. Some records I can play when I dj from time to time, but most of the stuff  I post here is not fit for that. Just like this one here:


This flexible postcard record was a advertisement given to Christmas shoppers urging them to buy Polydor records. Freddy and Caterina Valente are not even on the record and the Peter Kraus one is so boring that I cut out all the music and exchanged it with some bits of some of my favourite songs that I posted here this past year.

BERLIN BEATET BESTES – Weihnachtsgrüße

(Update 07/18/2009:  HA HA HA HA HA!!! Somebody is trying to sell this little flexible piece of printed cardboard on Ebay right now for 249,90 (!) Euros!!! Good luck finding somebody stupid!!! THIS RECORD SUCKS BIG TIME!!!)


  1. rockinbavarian says:

    Klasse site! Ich suche schon lange Rock’n’Roll der fünfziger und frühen sechziger Jahre aus allen Teilen der Welt (außerhalb der üblichen Ländereien) und wurde fündig. Danke auch für die Begleittexte und die Cover-Abbildungen!

  2. ana_b says:

    hi…i just wanted to say i enjoy the blog very much…it gives me my weekly dose of strange…


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