SIBYLLE RAUCH, Playmate, 1982

sibylle-frontsibylle-labelsibylle-infoSibylle Rauch (born June 14, 1960) is a German actress and  porn star. She first appeared as playmate of the month in June 1979 in the German edition of Playboy. From 1980 to 2000 she has played in more than 20 movies. Sibylle Rauch started out in some German sex comedies but got her biggest break when she appeared in the second sequel of the very successful Israeli 50`s nostalgia comedy Eskimo Limon. The series became a big success in Germany under the name Eis am Stiel. Since 1987  she has also played in 20  hardcore-porn movies, sometimes together with her sister Sylvie. To compete with her younger competition she had her breasts enlarged numerous times. At the end of the 90`s her cocaine addiction and a suicide attempt in 1997 ended her film career. In 2001 Sibylle Rauch`s  life story was turned into a TV – special.(translated from wikipedia)

Following  the success of  Eis am Stiel Sibylle recorded these two Rock`n`Roll songs, produced in Holland by Tony Britnell and Arnie Treffers of the Dutch Rock`n`Roll band “Long Tall Ernie and his Shakers”.

“Catch me in the middle, babe, because I`m so cute – Woo, I`m your playmate. Looking so cute in my birthday suit – Woo, I´m your playmate…”

SIBYLLE RAUCH, Playmate, 1982

SIBYLLE RAUCH, So Long, Goodbye, 1982



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