klingende-post-10-frontklingende-post-10-backklingende-post-10-labelklingende-post-10-drucksacheklingende-post-10-tipsThis is actually  the weakest record of the batch, so keep scrolling further down. It`s so lame, that I didn`t even bother to record the full thing. Believe me it is bad. These are kinda the best songs:

KLINGENDE POST NR.10, Vico Torriani, Die drei Peheiros, 1958
There are some great records advertised on the little postcard that came with this package though: Janis Martin, Jerry Lee Lewis,  Larry Williams. Now those records would be worth my time and yours! But who am I kidding,  I`m just a old garbage-picker…


1. HUGO STRASSER, Heiße Ventile
2. DIE BENICARLOS, Blauer Himmel, weiße Wolken, grüne Wälder
3. JOE ROLAND, Melodie ‘d Amour
4. ROLF SIMON, Das Haus in Tennessee
5. VICO TORIANI, Wai-ki-ki
6. MANOLITA, Tomatos
7. DIE DREI PEHEIROS, Hab’n se nicht so’n kleinen Satelliten
8. ORCHESTER ROBINO, Blueberry Hill

1. CHRISTA WILLIAMS, Blacky-Ballade
2. TONI WELLER , In Honolulu am blauen Meer
3. LYS ASSIA,  Bon soir, cherie
4. DIE HEIMATSÄNGER, Dunkle Tannen stehen
5. EGERLÄNDER MUSIKANTEN, Hoderfurter Promenade
6. HANS ALBERS, Ja, das Leben
7. WILL GLAHÈ, Gut’ Nacht Madlen

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