klingende-post-17-front1klingende-post-17-back1klingende-post-17-labelI went for  the songs with the Western-Theme: The Missouris  “Texas Jimmy, The Western Stars “Unser Sheriff ist okay” and Caterina Valente “Der Sheriff von Arkansas ist `ne Lady”.


1.BILLY VAUGHN, O sole mio


3.DIE MISSOURIS, Texas Jimmy

4.PEGGY BROWN,  Sag ist das die Liebe?

5.VICO TORRIANI, Die Girls von MExico

6.BÖTTCHER/ENGEL, Weil du meine große Liebe bist

7.PEREZ PRADO, Rito di Chunga

8.MICHAEL HOLM, Das Lied von der Liebe


1.EGERLÄNDER MUSIKANTEN, Egerländer Musikanten-Marsch

2.FRED UND ROLF, Wir lagen vor Madagaskar

3.GERT TIMMERMANN, Blume von Tahiti

4.LAWRENCE WELK, Yellow Bird

5.DIE CONTINENTALS, San Antonio Rose

6.DETLEF ENGEL, Ein Engel ohne Flügel

7.DIE WESTERN STARS, Unser Sheriff ist okay

8. CATERINA VALENTE, Der Sheriff von Arkansas ist `ne Lady

Short Version: KLINGENDE POST NR.17, Die Missouris, Die Western Stars, Caterina Valente, 1961

KLINGENDE POST NR.17, 1.Teil, 1961

KLINGENDE POST NR.17, 2.Teil, 1961

One Comment on “KLINGENDE POST NR.17, 1961”

  1. Gigi Z. says:

    I had this record as a kid in Germany (Hamburg), and we emigrated to the United States when I was almost twelve, and they didn’t take our records with us! My parents sold just about everything! I can still sing so many of the cuts they played on this, and the Klingende Post 16, also, along with the narrated patter by that man and woman. Thank you for listing the cuts that were on this record! I truly appreciate it immensely! Gigi

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