DIE COWBOY TWISTERS, Cowboy-Twist, 1961

Throughout the 50s and into the  60s the German love for the American Western movie was equal to that of the German Heimatfilm. Both had similar “rural settings, sentimental tone and simplistic morality”.  Both were geared towards kids and old people. In Germany the language in the Western and Heimat movies and songs was the same.  So strangely a lot of expressions and phrases about home and country that were leftover from the Hitler dictatorship  showed up in the Western genre. Germany is a creepy place…

Of the hundreds of German cowboy songs that were recorded in the late 50s to early 60s  these are not the most famous ones. I  just picked some of the more up-beat ones from my collection. This is a  German  version of  Chubby Checker´s  The Hucklebuck that is totally saved by the fact that it was made for twistin´ teenagers…

DIE COWBOY TWISTERS, Cowboy-Twist, 1961

DIE COWBOY TWISTERS, Pony Express, 1961


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