FERDY, Ringo, 1965

ferdy-frontferdy-backferdy-labelThe German version of  Lorne Greene`s hit song, sung (or rather spoken) in the same manner as the original.ferdy

The German lyrics mostly tell the same tale: Sheriff saves Ringo`s life, Sheriff hunts Ringo, Sheriff and Ringo have a gunfight. But wherein the original version Ringo gets killed by the town folk and then because of that, the Sheriff  hangs up his star at Ringo`s grave, in the German version the Sheriff shoots Ringo and then gives up his star in respect for Ringo. Go figure…

FERDY, Ringo, 1965

FERDY, Sand, 1965

2 Comments on “FERDY, Ringo, 1965”

  1. rené says:

    ca. 10 years ago i was driving to some punk show through the night and some local radio station was playing this song… and it stuck! but i missed the moderators words after the song and so i was looking year after year for this mysterious german spoken word country song… until now! thanx a lot!!!

  2. Amy Johnson says:

    My friend was telling me when him and his brother were little they had a record that would play western noise like horses galloping, not songs but noises any idea what he was talking about? his B-day is coming up and I always like to look for unusual things.

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