I`m A Wimp!


Thanks to everyone that attended Auktion/Destruktion last Saturday. We sold most of our records and destroyed a bunch.  Everyone seemed to have had a good time, except for me. I didn`t try to show it, but I had a splitting headache all  through the night. I  don`t drink that much anymore but the night before I had two beers and sipped on some of Frank`s rum and coke and that did me in. I`m such a wimp nowadays!

Probably because of that, I made a couple of bad decisions, like offering Hawkwind`s Silver Machine to a young audience who sold most of our bad German 80`s pop records. Even mentioning Lemmy didn`t help and I ended up selling it for 70 cents. At least I didn`t have to break it…

On Friday was the opening of the Munny group-show at Knoth & Krüger gallery.The show was organized by the Modern Graphics comic shop and the Knoth & Krüger gallery in Kreuzberg. There is a Elvis-Munny and a Johnny Cash-Munny in the exhibition so I modelled my   Munny doll after

Gene Vincent in The Girl Can`t Help It.

gene-with-blue-cap-on-2 I like Johnny Cash and Elvis but I love Gene Vincent! More photos of my Gene-Munny here.

All dolls are being auctioned and will be sold to the highest bidder. Starting bids are 50 Euros. All proceeds will go to Karuna e.V., a street children project in Berlin, to buy art supplies for their work with the children. You can see all Munny dolls from the exhibition here.

One last thing:  after I`ve been talking to some people at Jungle World about music blogs long enough, they finally let me write about them. So appearing in today`s paper is a two page article that makes mention of most of the blogs that I have in my blogroll.  It`s available on most of the bigger  newsstands throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland, or you can read it online here.

Now on to the promised offerings: German Cowboy records…

4 Comments on “I`m A Wimp!”

  1. […] in die Oranienstraße lohnt, zeigen die beiden Figuren, die Mawil (Mawil) und Andreas Michalke (Gene Vincent) gestaltet […]

  2. Lieber Andreas,

    since yesterday that I stumbled upon your FABULOUS blog, I am totally addicted to it! Furthermore, I must confess that I envy you for a variety of reasons. First of all, because your business is about something that I also fancy so much, namely vinyls & comics. Secondly, because you have the opportunity to live in Berlin, where you can find all these little (or bigger) treasures. Thirdly, because you have travelled so much and as a result you have lived a so fascinating life; something that is obviously depicted on your appealing posts. Forthly, because you organise and participate in these Auktions/Destruktions, which I can easily guess that are a great deal of fun and extraordinary vinyl-discovery chances…
    It’s a pity that I have only now discovered your blog, that I am so far from Germany, and not when I was still a student in Greifswald (Mecklemburg-Vorpommern). But that was before good four years ago…
    Unfortunately, now my financial condition does not allow me even a trip to Berlin. Maybe later when I will be having a job, I’ll organise a “vinyl-pillgrimage” there…
    My field is mainly the late fiftys-early sixties and I have mostly enjoyed your posts about international pop (czechoslovakian, spanish, turkish etc…), but I observed that Greece is missing. So, if some day you want to fill this gap, you should know that you and your girlfriend, are herzlich eingeladen here in Athens!
    Keep on your precious work und sei immer healthy and blessed!

    Schönste Grüsse aus Athen!

  3. mischalke04 says:

    Dear Ilias,

    thank you so much for your kind words. It´s getting letters like yours, that makes all this work meaningful and worthwhile and will keep me going for many month.

    As for envying me, believe me, there is not much behind it. Our Auktion/Destruktion happenings are rather small with up to 100 people attending. Sometimes much smaller…
    And when it comes to record-collecting I`m hardly among the real hardcore collectors of rare Beat, Soul, Garage, Rockabilly or even German Schlager records. Those people mostly just don`t seem to be interested in sharing them. And I just like to show off.

    I envy YOU for living in Athens! I`ve only been to Greece once as a child, so I don`t know how it is to be living in Athens today. But I bet you can find some great records from Turkey, Bulgaria, Israel, North-Africa, many Arabic countries and of course Greece. I only have a handful of Greek records and none of them are Rock records or even come close to rockin`. How about finding and presenting some of those on your blog? I would certainly like to read about that.

    Thanks again for writing and maybe we`ll meet sometime in Athens. Of course we would gladly have you at our home here in berlin

    Keep in touch
    Best wishes

  4. Dear Andreas,

    I am very happy and grateful for your reply to my post!

    The only reason to envy me for living in Athens is mainly the sun and the warmth of the city that indeed is so beneficial for my health and fills me with optimism and positive way of thinking. Otherwise, you can barely find here the atmosphere of Berlin, Barcelona or Warsaw, where artistic expression in almost every field can be found so easily. The musical condition here is more or less the same as this you probably have met at your travels in Istambul. The main music genre is the folks-orientalistic, in which the bouzouki plays the dominant role…
    But rock music has its history in Greece and maybe one day I’ll make a blog in English to present it, as well as greek jazz and other musical things that indeed are totally unkown to the rest of the world. (Well, no wonder… Greece is a small country, but with very diverse musical influences though…) Additionally, I could post all the odd records that I have found all these years here in Athens and are included to my collection.
    Unfortunatelly, nowadays greek record-dealers don’t bring anymore the amount and the variety of records that they used to 3, 4 or 5 years ago. So, they are trying to sell everything that they haven’t sold all these years, in prices 5 times higher, because in any case, customers don’t buy any more 10 or 20 records… Teufelskreis…

    Finally, I want to thank you very much for your invitation! I would be extremely happy to meet you in Berlin in future!

    Naturally, we’ll keep in touch!

    Mach’s gut

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