Last Friday I went to the West Germany Club in Kreuzberg to see local Berlin Teen-Sensation Chuckamuck and the Israeli Garage band Charlie Megira & The Modern Dance Club.


Chuckamuck are real teenagers who  aspire to become the German Black Lips. They write beautiful songs, a couple of them even in German and their  set was full of energy. Even the sloppiness looked staged. Great band! Their teenage fans danced like crazy until the set of speakers fell down. So the Black Lips reference is not really that far-fetched. Check for yourself how great they really are here. Their last Cd was produced by King KhanChuckamuck seemed like a tough act to follow…


By coincidence I had met the boys and girls of  Charlie Megira & The Modern Dance Club the previous night hanging out at a bar in Kreuzberg, where Frank and I had been Dj-ing. They dug our records, gave us some self-made Modern Dance Club lighters and buttons and seemed to enjoy being in Berlin. From their appearance I had expected a more artistic or traditional 60`s/70`s sound but Charlie Megira & the Modern Dance Club completely surprised me with their TOTALLY WILD, LOUD and RAW sound. The gang from Jaffa/Tel Aviv stormed though a set of AGGRESSIVE,  BLAZING-HOT ROCK`N`ROLL NOISE!!!. Even their Surf instrumentals were top notch and not a tad too musical or retro. They were SMOKIN`!!!

I made this page about the West Germany show that will appear next week in Ox-Fanzine:bigbeatland-charlie-megira

Some more photos that I made of Charlie Megira & The Modern Dance Club:the-modern-dance-club-5the-modern-dance-club-3the-modern-dance-club-1the-modern-dance-club-boysthe-modern-dance-club-charliethe-modern-dance-club-mimi


And some more of Chuckamuck:chuckamuck-11chuckamuck-7chuckamuck-8chuckamuck-1chuckamuck-3chuckamuck-2


6 Comments on “CHARLIE MEGIRA & THE MODERN DANCE CLUB and CHUCKAMUCK at West Germany, March 20, 2009”

  1. yuval says:

    yea yea yea!!!

    beach bum must die!!!

    love the post on this blog


  2. mischalke04 says:

    Your videos of Charlie and the gang in Tel Aviv are great too! They are such nice people!

  3. oska says:

    hey andi
    cooler artikel !
    crippa hat mir davon erzählt
    vielen dank und bis bald hoffentlich
    hau rein

  4. Yogev Yehros says:

    Charlie Megira is the mother-fuckin automatic meisterzinger mamboshaker!!!!
    Love u ben adam!

  5. crippaXXX says:

    hej andi!
    i saw ’em yesterday in white trash, ‘n yeah you’re right…they’re smokin’!
    goddamn RAWK’n’RÖLL!
    p.s! nice page you now did for ox zine.

  6. […] Eine Audio-CDr und auch mit Verspätung, eine Erweiterung von Berlin Beatet Bestes. […]

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